Please DELETE POST - Be Cautiously Optimistic with this BMW Dealer

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Stay away from Ky Williams of BMW at Mt Laurel.

This disgrace gave the numbers I negotiated with him due to the expertise from this forum (% discounted, similar deals in tri state area, rebates, etc) and in the one day I took to decide whether to purchase/lease had sold the car to another buyer.

I will be filing a complaint with Holman Automotive Group and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else who, like me, spends hours and hours on forums just like these to get the best deal possible only for the sales rep to screw me and pass it along to one of their clients.

Let me know if you think there is anything else you think I should do.

Stop whining. You snooze, you lose.


Hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t seem like the salesman did anything wrong. They will always sell to the first signing buyer. Plenty of people get deal numbers, then walk away.

Doesn’t seem like he owed you anything. I do understand your frustration, but he didn’t necessarily “screw” you.


You lost me there. What is your compliant about ?


Did you place a deposit? In NJ I believe they are refundable, unless stated otherwise.

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I’m confused, your first sentence of the second paragraph is written terribly. If you don’t buy the car then and there, the dealer is under no obligation to hold the car for you. Did they say they weren’t going to sell it? You always run the risk of losing a deal if you don’t pull the trigger.

He’s upset he spent too much time here. Welcome to the party. I spend too much time here as well and not even planning to lease anything soon.


Thanks for the constructive criticism XxHaimBondxX and gc2a.

No I did not place a deposit and I did not “walk away”. I informed him I would decide whether to purchase or lease the following day, but either way I was taking the car.

Never mind that I have purchased another vehicle from him in the past year so I wasn’t “fishing” or gaming dealers against one another (which is why I go on this forum instead of pretending to give my business to other dealers only to get a better deal somewhere else and back out)

Maybe he should have called you before selling the car. However, he did nothing wrong. The dealership is there to sell cars, not to mention, he probably sold it for a higher price.

Sale is a sale. In real estate would you ask a seller to hold a house for you if another offer came in?

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Not to mention probably a higher one.

well I guess there’s no such as thing as good faith negotiating then.

Thanks nyclife maybe I was naive but going forward I will treat this as the transaction it is.

bostonconcierge no I wouldn’t, but a call would have sufficed.

For sure man. There isn’t a good faith negotiation because so many buyers (all of us included) shop around and get numbers and tell a salesperson we are thinking about it, even if we aren’t. So, I get it. A bird in the hand, ya know?

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The problem is, the dealer cannot take what people say at face value (based on a select amount of people ruining it for everyone)… You have people here like @Zunair_Sharif (and many many others on this site, trust me) that say they are interested in a car and will think about it and let them know tomorrow. When they actually have ZERO interest in the car.


Ha! I saw that what a shame…

Thanks guys makes me a little less angry to know you disagree with my assessment.

Looking forward to a great deal I can share with all of you


Glad to hear you don’t feel as bad anymore. Perhaps time to close the thread (@Jon) , especially since you called out the sales guy by name…

I understand your frustration, but looking at the other side of the coin: People in sales deal with dozens of clients a day who make empty promises of “I’ll take a day to think about it” only to ghost them after multiple follow ups.

Serious question. Would you risk your livelihood over a strangers promise, when the sale is right in front of you?


I think the headline of this post is probably over-kill and an unfair to the dealer given the circumstances. @ortizm1287 Maybe soften it a bit?

Edit: Title changed . :slight_smile:

I respectfully agree with your assessment Samson, but as I have mentioned previously I have purchased a car from this individual for one, and I also mentioned I will take the car either way (lease or purchase)

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That doesn’t mean he owes you anything. A sale is a sale. While you’re contemplating whether or not you want to buy it, he has someone that ACTUALLY wants to buy it. Why risk potentially 2 lost sales when you have 1 in front of you? There’s no complaint to be made here…you lose.