Please delete/close

Keeping it for now😃 20


Why can’t you live in NY? I would do this in a heart beat if legit.

Haha, come out west👍 Trust me, there have been a few Volvo deals on the east coast I wish I could have grabbed. This is as legit as it gets.

I also wish this was on east coast (and it was about 4 months in the future), this is my favorite color and if it has the paddles its all the options that i want lol

is it OK to do the muffler delete for a lease? would that void any warranty

Ooh this is real tempting. Did some 2017 Alfa Romeo’s get Apple Carplay or Android Auto by chance? Regardless this car is pretty sexy.

Muffler delete won’t void any warranty, it’s the same as replacing the exhaust. It would be near impossible to prove any damage to the engine was directly related to the muffler delete. I had them cut at the weld, so it can be welded back on easily without notice.

No paddles, that’s a TI option I believe.

Just drove the car, this will be difficult😁

Never really thought of that blue on a car before ---- but it looks AMAZING on yours.


Seems only very late model year ‘17s have s chance to have it. I haven’t checked my build date.

I remember you hunting for misano. And now you want to give it up? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Still on the fence… just hard for me to justify it when I’m not using it. The miles are from commuting back and forth to the gym. :sweat_smile:

What justification do you need for about $300-340/mo? You will make me think this way also then :grin:

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Haha. True… I’ll probably just keep it. I just had a moment of weakness this morning🙂

Unless you are not telling us the real reason, like that Alfa sucks :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish that was the case. It would be an easy decision!

Keep it, just for its looks!

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@K04 do you know what credit bureau Ally pulls?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m not certain… I can check my paperwork later to see if it shows.

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Closed as per OPs request.