Please create a Sub section for parts

I usually have a few things left from the cars I return at the end of the lease.

it would be nice to have a forum sub-section in the marketplace for members to post for sale and wanted items threads.


Unfortunately that isn’t really what the forum was created for. I don’t think you’ll be able to offload your random tchotchkes here.


I think that’s already extant in the Craigslist sub forum.

this is not the forum for that. Use specific car forums, craigslist or even better yet utilize Facebook model specific groups that allow sales and Facebook marketplace.

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Perhaps you could clarify that this sub is really Suggestions focused on leasing only.
If you have an off-topic area for members to banter, why not a for sale section, just as wide a net cast…

and I learned something thanks to you, never even heard/ read the word before!





plural noun: tchotchkes


a small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket.

“a pig mug and a dozen or so other porcine tchotchkes adorn his office”


a pretty girl or woman.

“just look at my little tchotchke growing up”

Thank you, I don’t have/ hate Facebook. I know where else to post.

This sub forum is for Suggestions to improve Lease Hackr.

All the forums out there have a market place sub: Bimmerfest, Bimmerpost etc etc.

Let it be know that the owners of Lease Hackr do not wish to cast a wide net and seek to remain narrowly focused on leasing ONLY.

Your position on Facebook is noted.

You’re answering your own question here. The name of the forum is ________hackr. And the operators of it wish to focus solely on __________.

If you want to find takeoff Bimmer parts, go to a forum with Bimmer in the name.

It ain’t broke; let’s not fix it.



What’s the point of your post, really?

Have you read the forum Guidelines?

I didn’t ask a question and I wasn’t addressing you. Look in the post, the name of the person I am replying to is listed.

I created a thread to suggest an idea in the… wait for it… Suggestions sub-forum of a dynamic young web site with less than 30-40K unique visitors/ month.

The suggestions is to make leasehackr a better website. The goal of the website is to help people with leasing vehicles. As by the sentiment you’ve seen above, your suggestion is not seen as a way to make it a better website because it doesn’t help people lease vehicles.

There are a multitude of other avenues online to sell used / stolen car parts. However, there is only a handful of places to discuss car leasing strategies, and the strength lies in keeping the focus of the website on its specialization.

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You can eff straight off, as far as I’m concerned.

How does the off-topic section “help people lease vehicles”?

And why did you feel the need to articulate in such simplistic terms?

Finally, “Stolen”? Even if you didn’t mean it, it’s insulting.
Belittling is not a good debate strategy… but if I must explain this to you, chances are…

If you are building a community, you also need to find ways to engage it.
Your goal presumably would be to give them reasons to spend more time, not come, take the info and click off that tab.

Time spent and number of pages visited are very valuable metrics to the owners and better yet: their clients and the people they will want to impress when trying to monetize their time and investment.

I am all for a good discussion. That’s the point of a Forum after all.

Mods: time for a sticky to clarify what you deem to be receivable and acceptable Suggestions for this sub?


OK - suggestion received and our fearless leaders will review.

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Don’t bring Lebron into this