Please create a list of prohibited topics

I thought that we could talk about anything in the Off-Ramp section so I asked for opinion on some rental cars, but my topic got locked right away with comment to decide for myself. I searched through the whole forum and could not find any list of prohibited topics or any guidance on what exactly is allowed and not allowed to be posted there. I looked at the “READ ME FIRST: Getting Started with Leasehackr Forum” and from there I clicked on “general guidelines” as well as the “moderation guidelines”. Is there any place else I should look? All I see is “Discuss all things automotive!” under the section title.
If you create a list, it wouldn’t have to be very specific, but maybe even just general guidance for example “please do not ask for opinion in off-ramp” or something along those lines as well as any other items that are not allowed and it can continuously be updated when more prohibited topics come up. I think it will be useful for the members and it will help keep the forum clean.

There are “help me decide” topics popping up every day where we discuss the same things again and again. But at least they are lease related. People can still vote in your thread, so that will give you the answer.
Here is the link:

List of prohibited topics:

  1. topic of creating a list of prohibited topics.
  1. Asking what’s prohibited.
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As a technology forum admin, I draw the line on recipe swapping.

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  1. Threads with passive aggressive intent, lol.
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Not sure which post is more passive aggressive now :upside_down_face:.


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The real question is, which admin locked OP’s thread???

I did. Since you couldn’t figure it out from my response here.