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I want to transfer a lease for a 2017 Nissan Sentra that matures on 03/2020. The monthly payment is $160/month. I am not looking for a downpayment, just someone to take it over as soon as possible. Based on my research, the application fee is $250 for Nissan Financial. Over 1,700 miles a month still available. Car is in great shape minus one hubcap having a slight crack (not a rim, just a hubcap). PM me for the application, and upon approval, I will lock this post.

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This is a great deal and needs to go quick

Just making sure you checked. I think u will still stay on the hook till end of lease. Dont know about you but I wouldn’t risk my credir for $2k.

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Definitely will…NMAC keeps the original lessee liable.

how many months left?

Last payment March 2020 - 13 months if I do the math right?

@agrawalakshay … which part of NJ you are in?

New Brunswick, NJ

Please close this thread, thank you.