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Hey Folks,

I have been shipping Land Rovers to Florida for months now and decided it was time to establish a relationship with a great LR dealer down there.

Here are some numbers for November! Trying to clear 2019 inventory :slight_smile:

2019 Land Rover Velar P250 S
Red on Black
$2500 + Reg
679 + Tax


2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE
MSRP $76xxx
$2500 + Reg
$789 + Tax


2019 Land Rover Discovery SE
MSRP $66xxx
$2500 + Reg
$699 + Tax



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I’m amazed that a deal on a Velar in FL can be significantly cheaper than a deal in NY. Not a fan of that color but that P250 S deal is the teets :grin:

Gotta stand out when driving around S Florida :slight_smile:

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Especially when it breaks down in that South Florida heat.

Dont be a hater. Enjoy your Ioniq in the upstate New York winters :slight_smile:


She just went on her first coffee run in a foot of snow, not bad at all…Instant heat is the best.

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Youll spend more on coffee this month than your payment and fuel on the ioniq!

Came to check the Velar pricing and stayed for ioniq discussion, @Bostoncarconcierge are you approving ioniq here in upstate NY or not? :slight_smile: i will be picking mine up this week

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I think it’s the best deal around and I am just jealous I didnt get one :slight_smile:

Jeremy also called me out, rightfully so, for being salty on LH lately. So, I am going to revert back to the old Mike.

No broker fee??

I live in NY and I get crazy from the cold. I come down to FL at least twice per winter.

$399 Broker Fee

Do you have any similar deals this month?

I didn’t have any interest here so I didn’t check for this month

Happy to ask about 1 off deals

I would really appreciate it

  • Stock # : LH031600
  • VIN : SALZP2FXXLH031600

$400s or less if possible. I know their “ads” show in the 300s but not sure how real that is

Completely understand. What’s a realistic expectation? I have a decent amount of wiggle room. Sorry rookie here

I wouldnt have any issues with those numbers.

But I understand if its not something you would like to pursue. I will see if I can find assistance or try on my own.

I figured as much with their teaser ads. But yea I wouldn’t be opposed to the 500s

Hi @trusted_hackrs can we close please thx!