Please close. Residual dropped 4 points. Can still honor the buy price and take $10K off.(ANY STATE BUT CA)--14% OFF! Brand New 2018 Range Rover Sport SE Diesel-MSRP $77xxx-39M/10K-$849/Month + Tax - $2500 Total DAS

Hey Folks!

Today only deal----

Brand new 2018 Range Rover Sport SE Diesel—MSRP $77xxx
$849/Month + Tax
$2500 Total DAS

$399 Broker Fee

Let’s get it done!


Wow Mike!!!

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damn badass truck and killer deal

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Thanks man!

Would love to move this today.

Free Range Rover T shirt to whoever buys it :slight_smile:


Do it for the shirt! :muscle:t3:

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How about a free car with T-shirt purchase? JK :rofl:


there you go!

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Hey for you buddy-I’ll get you the t shirt and the model :slight_smile:

Some would say I’m a real mensch


Very interested. Does this deal work in Texas?

Oof. Last day of the month, out of state deal, from someone who joined 14 mins ago…

Feels risky…


Only joined to respond to your post. I normally just lurk the forums. :slight_smile:

Anyways, we have crazy up front taxes on full value for leases in Texas and I didn’t notice that you said taxes were additional. I think that would raise up the DAS by roughly $4800, killing the deal for me.


In all seriousness, how did you expect him to estimate or include tax in the price for a national deal? Taxes could vary by $2-3K based on the states involved.

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Is this considered a good lease for 39 months on a diesel?

I’d like to answer but I’m bias.

I think getting an RR sport in the 8s w upfronts is really good.

I’ll let the forum decide though!

I got a Velar 6 Cylinder $72k msrp, fully loaded, 36 months 30k miles, $1800 drive off and $729 including 9.5% tax. So I guess that’s a great number.


You got a very good deal on that. Well done!

Mike, I wish we had this in January! I am happy with the BMW but this RR is what I wanted! Hopefully the next time.

Ah rats! You have an amazing car, though. We will stay close for sure.

Or, you could transfer that incredible BMW to a LH member and make some $$$ :slight_smile:

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I wish I had my 530i gone so I could bite

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I’ll take your Bmw :joy: