Planning ahead: sport sedan by EOY (Colorado)

I’ve been lurking here for quite a while, trying to pick up your dark arts.

Currently I have 2015 BMW 550i xDrive. I bought it as a CPO, and that warranty ends around December 2019. The car is great, and is fun to drive, and fast as holy hell when I get the rare chance to use it, but having carefully tracked the numbers for maintenance (NOT covered in the warranty), and factoring in items that have gone wrong that were covered, it honestly seems cheaper just to LEASE cars like this.

I am sure I am preaching to the choir.

Anyway, I have plenty of time, but I’m looking for advice on where I should be looking and when I should act.

Cars I like:

BMW 340 / 440 (xdrives - Colorado…)
Audi S4
Genesis G70 3.3t AWD
MB C43 4matic

I have no idea about the history of annual lease deals with these cars, or if anyone is already aware of any planned promotions or if you have general advice for me.

But Ideally I’d pull the trigger around oct/early nov.

Keep an eye on ultimate driving experience for BMW and sign up for a penfed in case you will find good MB deal for starters.

“Keep an eye on ultimate driving experience for BMW”
I’m not sure I follow this…

PenFed seems to be a credit union. They have some sort of MB deal?
If you participate in one of these you will get 1000$(most likely dealer will honor only 500$ from it) off certificate from BMW
Penfed used to give you fleet like discount on MB

3 Series loaner is probably your best bet for value. G70 has good MF and lease cash + conquest incentive but in Colorado we only have one Genesis dealer with limited number of cars so it will probably be hard to negotiate a good dealer discount unless you’re willing to travel out of state. I would add the Volvo S60 T6 R-design to your shortlist as well…

Ok, so it’s a sort of high performance driving school - I actually just did one through BMW CCA at High Plains Race way out here in CO, but I take it that doesn’t count (They didn’t mention anything like this)

340: I’m hoping there are deals on loaner 2020 m340s by then… cross fingers.

G70: I’d be willing to travel or ship, I did that once before.

s60: I’ve looked at these before, although the t8 polestar really seems to be the only one in the same league with the 340 and g70 3.3t. And it seems like there are zero deals for this trim

I’d also be very open to taking over a lease, and I seem to find pretty decent deals on the c43 (would need to ship to Colorado):


Is this a better option?

that is a good deal for a C43. and maybe you can sell the extra pair of wheels and get some more back