Pickup Truck - Chevy or Ford, Looking for a deal around $200.. is it possible?

Im in NJ. Thinking about leasing a pickup. Want 2 year lease and about a 200 payment with minimal due at signing. Is this possible? Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help.

No not possible unless you would consider a :taco:

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yeah wasn’t too interested in the Toyota. Thank you!!!

Are you less interested in a taco or in spending more money?


Id rather spend a lil more than get a taco…

As they say, you shop the car or you shop the deal.

Almost without exception, the absolute best deals will require flexibility.

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I guess I should consider the taco then. Im going to have to look into it more… Ty…

You may be very surprised at them. I, and many others on this board have them or have had them, and they have become really really fantastic trucks.

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How do you feel about spending a lot more money instead of a lil more money?


I’m not really interested in that… I think I’m gonna have to seriously consider the Tacoma. Its a second car for my family and just need something to be able to haul stuff… We just bought a home and need to be able to carry big items… I have already used up all my favors with my friends who have them lol. Thanks for your help.

Define big? Unless you’re hauling “bricks” I don’t really see the need for a half ton.

As a family vehicle a half ton is overkill Unless you are hauling boats, trailers, campers, or a lot of gear.

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Maybe I overlooked it, but I don’t see mention of size, so OP could very well be referring to Colorado/Canyon/Ranger.

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I mean carry big items for the home… like appliances, large items from home depot, wood and supplies. Stuff that doesnt fit in our SUV… I maybe said it wrong…

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As long as you stay under payload you should be fine with a tacoma.

Even the half tons are running 5.5 foot beds on the supercrews, the single cab 8 foot beds or extended cab 8 footers are hard to find.

And they make a heavy portion of fleet sales so I wouldn’t expect very much lease support.

The better question might be what are you looking to spend?

Edit: nvm swapalease is dead lol.

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You might consider just renting a trailer on the limited times you need to haul home a fridge and tow it behind your suv. Or just rent a truck. How often do you think you’ll actually need to use a truck for hauling stuff?


I need a second car as well… So figured why not a pickup…

Definitely a King Ranch or Sierra Denali for that price point :slight_smile:

Just kidding. I think perhaps a base colorado with you qualifying for buypower incentives would be the only one that fits the budget.


That is exactly why I got a Tacoma a couple of years ago, if you get a quad cab it can basically be used like a car (with the added benefit of having a bed back there).

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This is my thinking… How do you like it?

I absolutely loved it! Unfortunately, because of the craziness in the used car market this past summer, especially with trucks, I sold it to Carvana. Even though the end result was me driving it for free for a year plus making a few thousand bucks, I still sometimes second-guess my decision to sell it.