Pickup truck 4x4

What is the best deal someone has found on a 4x4 pickup? I’m trying to find a good lease. (ideally under 300 a month) on a 4x4 pickup. Has anyone been able to find one? (besides Dodge)

I found an SXT F150 lease but they told me it’s only on the 2WD

@loberant has great deals on the Tacoma right now.

It’s impossible to glance at this forum and not see all the Tacoma deals being discussed

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Silverado Double Cab - not Crew Cab possibly

Colorado - likely

What kind of numbers are we talking on tacomas ?
Everytime i try to look at leasing a tacoma they are 450$+/mo

It was super cheap. $245/month plus tax for 36 months for a TRD Sport Double cab 4x4. Only 1st month and fees due. Contact @loberant.

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thanks , i messaged him