Picked Up Today 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie MSRP 62K, $1570 DAS, 12k/36, $505 with PA Tax included

MSRP $61680
Selling Price before rebates $52757
Rebates $4000
Monthly Payment: $505
Cash Due at Signing: $1570
MF .00041
RV 54%
Philadelphia registration, Northern Va dealer

10.4 score

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Loving the 1500! Did u get the 12 inch screen? Best of luck with the new ride!!

Yes I did, its HUGE!

Congrats.’I saw that screen and I was like wow you can watch TV. Heck I will sell my house and move into that truck.

Congrats!!! That’s awesome… I like that 12" screen too. Been looking at those for myself and a JGC for the wife.

That’s a pretty good deal! I think the incentives all changed after the 9th. Is the screen responsive/fast like the giant tablet it is?