Picked up Loaner 2019 BMW 740xi MSRP 101K - 24/10k $549/mth 3350 DAS and 3800 MSD

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 740xi

MSRP: $ 101,945
Selling Price: $ 71,290 before Incentives which is around 29.4% off before incentives.
Monthly Payment: $ 549 / month
Cash Due at Signing: $ 3350 which covers 1st month, Bank fees, DMV fees, taxes
MSD: $3850 ( 7 MSD)
Incentives: $1000 conquest and $500 for OL code.

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00165
Residual: 61% less mileage penalty

Region: NJ/NY
Leasehackr Score: 13.7 years

This is a car I got for myself yesterday. It is loaded with below packages and is a really different driving experience compared to my all previous vehicles.

The car is White on Cognac Dakota leather.
Executive Package
M Sport Package
Driving Assistance Plus
Parking Distance Package
Cold Weather Package
Panoramic Sky Louge LED Roof
Front Massaging Seats
Remote Control Parking
Ambient Air Package

There are few more things I am missing but its a pretty nicely loaded car.

I will bring the pictures when the weather gets a little better.

It was not easy to get this deal and the last 50 bucks were the hardest to crack. The inventory is low on remaining 2019 and even lower on loaners.



This is insane! Congratulations! I’m kinda disappointed you didn’t get to 30% haha

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Thanks Dan. My target was to get it for under 550/mth and when I got it with standard drive offs, I took the deal.

Holy shit, that’s an awesome deal! Any chance of you replicating this deal for some of us?

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I think if he was able to replicate it, he would get himself a second.


Can you share your dealer? I would get this car. Thanks

Considering that he got this exact car, the chances of you getting this one are 0.


Good thing you took the comment literally.


Sicko hack :hear_no_evil:


Thanks a lot for all the PMs and message on this thread.

This exact deal will be very hard to replicate but I can try getting something similar to this if people would consider paying around 75-100 more per month and have BMW loyalty.

The problem replicating it is that 7 series loaners are very few and even if they are around they are usually the low 90k cars which miss certain nice features like massage seats and driving assist plus etc.

If you are really serious about getting a 2019 7 series, PM me your requirements With must have features, your loyalty situation, miles you need and state it will be Registered.

Please be realistic and don’t ask for another 100k plus car for under 550/mth but I will try my best to get it as close to it as possible.


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@HN308 Sent you a pm!

Excellent work! Enjoy! :clap::clap::clap:

Awesome deal, looking forward to pics. Beautiful color combo.

That’s a great deal, especially for 24 months (and demonstrates how high depreciation is for a new car that becomes a loaner) . How many miles on the loaner?

After lot of request over PM for finding a similar deal, I have worked out a deal on a brand new unit for 23% off MSRP before incentives on a very nicely loaded 740xi.

If you are serious and can close in next few days than PM me and we will work it out.

When sending me the message do let me know months and miles you need, if you have loyalty, OL code and state it will be registered. Also let me know if you will do MSD and i will quote accordingly.

To put it with some perspective, you can have a car for around 650-700 on a Brand new unit for 36/10K after considering BMW CCA which can be applied as well on this New unit.

Man oh man. When I was looking around I couldn’t find any with the sky lounge! Somehow all you guys are finding them and getting these cars for crazy deals!!! Not a fan of older models but the 24 month term and cool options are a great remedy for that!

Congrats!!! Enjoy it in good health!

Found another 7 Series loaner which will be a very good deal for someone with Loyalty.

Only reach out if you are ready to close soon with below info. I can price the car exactly one the below info is given.

  1. Have loyalty or not
  2. Will you do MSD
  3. How many miles and months for lease. You can go as low as 7500 per year on 7 series.
  4. State where it will be registered.

Great work @HN308!!!

Nice HN enjoy in good health! Thank you for the X1 wife is enjoying it!

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I’m interested, see my answers below.

  1. Have loyalty or not - No Loyalty, (any conquest? i just turned in my lexus lease a week ago)
  2. Will you do MSD (interested to see with and without MDS)
  3. How many miles and months for lease. You can go as low as 7500 per year on 7 series. (15k)
  4. State where it will be registered. (NY)