Philly area:UPDATED FOR 750+ credit scores! 2019 4x4s. Limited Tacoma’s $269/mo, Tundra sr5 Crewmax $270, 4runner sr5 $320. Highlander Le $300/mo. 10k leases plus tax/tags. All states welcome to pick up or ship vehicles!



Yea on the tacomas members 1st is going to be my best pricing. However for tundras usbank is better on all but a couple trims.


Highlander and Camry numbers please.


Here’s the cheapest Tundra sr5 Crewmax 4x4 I can get.

$44k Msrp $269/mo for 24 months, 10,000 miles a year. Just add tax and tags!

In Pa you’re at $300/mo all in.


I haven’t gotten numbers yet for highlander, rav4 or Camry. I will post them as soon as I do


Highlander numbers are the best they’ve been in months. All 2019s and awd


the Highlander XLE numbers are good! back in summer, I got close to signing in until I ended up with an extension . at the time I got the 2018 XLE Highlighlander down to $395 with $500 down.

These current numbers almost makes me want to reconsider Highlander instead of a minivan which we are thinking now :smiley:


It’s possible to also use Toyota financial and do msds on the highlander. If for any reason you might buy it at the end of the lease, it’s always better to price out all the banks.


Sorry, i couldn’t respond until today as I used up all my responses yesterday.

he did reply to me in a PM but wasn’t really transparent as to what his fees entail. he said that the fees depended on what he provided, but didn’t go into “what he provides,” if that makes sense, and kind of side stepped the question. He did provide a charge of 500 on a tundra or tacoma i was interested in, and i notice he said his fees are up to 1,000, but i have no idea where that extra 500 would result in regarding services he provides.

i’m kinda glad that i was limited in responses yesterday as it gave me a chance to search more and honestly, the fact he wasn’t very transparent with his pricing (like what would 100 get me vs 1,000), and the fact he’s very expensive after looking at what other broker’s charge here on the forum, i think i’m going to go in a different direction. i was provided very nice numbers from another member on the forum who deals with infiniti, and think i’m going to use his contact instead.


TXT sent, interested in Highlander Limited quote.


Good luck Bill.

Pricing on any Toyota I secure for my clients is $400/$500. If you want extra service, like airport pickup, me to meet you at the dealerships etc, I do charge additional fees.

But again, to be clear and 100% transparent. All my Toyota deals are $400/$500. I’ve been saving people $3000-5000 from the quotes they received from other Toyota dealers. Not to mention the time saved as well.


I’m paying the first payment on my next two clients that buy a Toyota! Slow start to the month as I got numbers late, these prices are the best we’ve seen with Toyota since summer. Hopefully they last!


sounds good! and how much is your service to go through you?


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$500 and I’ll have your first payment waived!


These are great numbers I’m new to the forum I’m interested in a 2019 Toyota Tacoma double cab, off road 4x4 5.0 bed with the premium package. Does anyone know what a good lease deal would be on a 0 down 12k/year 36 months.
Take in mind I live in Los Angeles. Would appreciate any help thanks.

P.S. looking to purchase this week.


You would have to ship it. But i can work with a Cali buyer. Message me if your local Toyota isn’t within $100/mo of my pricing and it will be worth it!


So tempting for the Tacoma or highlander. If only I could get trade numbers on my 4runner trd off road premium.

Any numbers or RAV4 and or Camry?


If you message me I can get you a quote. But the pricing isn’t anything special on them. Purchasing a 2018 RAV4 is pretty attractive since the redesign is hitting the showroom this month. But there’s no lease incentives for some reason on them.

They’re practically giving away the Tacoma sports ($250/mo on a $37k msrp), limiteds ($310/mo on $42k msrp), and offroad manual trans ($230/mo on $38k msrp). This is the cheapest they have been in the last 6 months.


Yeah that’s weird that the RAV4 and Camry’s do not have good numbers on them. Based on what I’m seeing Camry numbers are coming close to the qx50 and qx60 Numbers.

I would totally take the Tacoma but I would need to get rid of my runner first tho. Would totally jump on the Tacoma or the highlander at those prices.

I’ll ping you in a bit.


I think the Camry and RAV4 are so popular they have no need to incentivize them. Why discount something when people are willing to pay full price? No one is paying for an Infiniti, they’re pure leasing cars. People get a Camry and drive it for 8 years, the same can’t be said about a q50. The trucks lease so well because the residuals are insanely high.