PFS Leasing Used/CPO

Anybody try to go get numbers for a CPO 911? PFS claims they do leases on used. Makes sense to try for something within a year old and very low mileage but has already had a pre-owner take the anal rape from MSRP.


How about you contact a dealer and find out?


Thanks, 'lil Smugman. I never thought of doing that.

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Often the “used car leases” are even worse than new. Mostly because they don’t qualify for new car rebates (something no porsche has anyways) and because the banks know they can bend over someone willing to do a lease on a used car.

PFS CPO leases are lousy, they use Porsche’s silly high money factors and really really low residuals. The only way I’ve ever seen a CPO lease work out is if you can write off the lease as depreciation and sell the car before the end of the lease for more than the residual. Even then, it’s a crapshoot.

This topic basically answers your questions from a couple months ago.

You might as well use the Fair app if you lease a cpo Porsche.

Ok, but the Panamera is not really a good comparison. 911 are still very desirable as they age. PFS MF is always crap whether used/new.