Pet Peeve...owners not removing window stickers!

I know I should just ignore it, but it drives me crazy to see people driving around with those “legalise” stickers on the drivers window. Often times it’s compounded by the temporary registration sticker in the windshield well after the owner has received their plates.

What’s more, is that I often see it in luxury cars costing 100K+…I guess in a world where people keep stickers on the baseball cap brims, I shouldn’t be surprised.

And note to dealers…stop putting those service “reminder” stickers on my windshield after I get my car serviced. Though at least those easlly come off without leaving residue.

Rant over…will yell at cloud later today.


Not removing dealer decals bugs me.


What id we dont keep them long enough to remove. Im just helping the next dealership haha.


I have them removed before leaving the lot. I tell them unless they’re paying me to advertise, I’m gonna pull them off anyways

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As my boss discovered after leaving his temp tag sticker on his car window for a year, it’s HARD to remove after a long time, and he’s too busy to spend an hour with a razor trying to get it off.

Decals you say? How about actual badges lol. Looking at you Sewell :roll_eyes:


It would fall on the new owner to take that off of their car or request it be removed.

i make sure the dealer does not do anything with the car (no front license plate mount or dealership decal/badges)!

Oh 100%. My comment was in response to the fact that there’s so many owners driving around with actual Sewell badges on their cars

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That’s me currently. I did took too long to remove from my old tacoma and it was a pain getting all the sticky off of it.

I’ve had my Lightning for two days - This thread has inspired me to get it off today lol.

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I’m still waiting for my LH sticker.

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Lemon Essential Oil works on the sticky residual.

My vote goes to Autonation license plate holders. They are just horrible.


Same here. But we are a veeeeery small minority of car buyers since those damn things are on virtually every car on the road. I guess most people don’t mind their cars being a moving billboard.

Great cause, understandable color, but just doesn’t work.