Performance Convertible Options - Brokers please chime in

In May before the great chip shortage of 2021, I reached out to a dealer I’m very friendly with about an S5 convertible build at a 6% discount and buy-rate. Since I’m not super happy with Audi’s color palette, I opted to an Audi exclusive color which requires a 5k deposit. Due to the ship shortage/factory retooling the allocation was pushed from May to October and thankfully they haven’t swiped my card yet. I totally understand that things are hitting the fan, but unfortunately the lease I currently have is expiring in early November on a 2018 S4. Judging by my best estimates in the BEST case I will have the vehicle in February if not March. From the time I first ran the numbers to now the lease cost has shot up from $850/month to effectively $1050 just due to RV/MF/Incentives. Herein lies the question: do I stick out the order process with a 5k deposit in hopes that lease terms become more favorable or do I opt for an M4/m440 or an E-class? Personally I think t he front end of the 440 leaves a lot to be desired, but if the payment is $300/month less than the Audi, I can over look that as long as it has a performance exhaust. On the other hand, the E450 will be in the same ballpark as the Audi but is an overall more comfortable ride. As of right now I don’t NEED a car- my girlfriend’s SQ5 is coming in next month and she’s nice enough to let me drive it. I can wait a bit, but I don’t want to be a burden on her.

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