Penny pinches there is no free lunch

there is no free lunch for free deals

Loaded at 46k? Come on man nobody is buying that here…


No body asked you to buy it

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I meant buying the “loaded” comment you added. Anyways, you’ll find out yourself. Good luck


Pics? Sticker?

Advertising your car on someone else’s ad, not cool man


uploaded some

Thank you for your help

Incentive 550 to cover BMW FS transfer fee

bump for today

morning bump…

bump …let me know

Nice looking car. You may want to add the incentive into the title. Also, if you haven’t had bites in the last few weeks and are pressed for time, you may want to consider swapalease or additional incentives. GLWT!

You’re going to want to post on swap a lease. Nobody here is going to pay $448 for a used close to base 330i. You’ll have much more luck there