PenFed Benefits - Up to $2000 AUDI MB FCA JEEP (usually $500 towards leases)

Exactly. Thats all they did with me.

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It has been stated multiple times there is a 60 day wait period. Not sure why you expected a quicker turnaround.

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PenFed is great. 60 days after opening, I have my code. Didn’t have it yesterday. Met my expectations exactly.

No one said it’s a killer. Lose the attitude.

It was still unnecessary and now that I’m leasing it’ll be two in a row. You missed the whole point of PenFed being idiots

Where did I say I expected anything quicker? I said I asked about the 60 days and the rep told me there was no 60-day wait. Reading comprehension is key.

My post was to warn anyone in case they expected a sift pull like the other poster had said

As I stated, the 60 day waiting period has been confirmed by multiple LH members, including me. If you had taken the time to actually read all previous responses, you would not have wasted your time contacting them.

Regarding your other comment below, this topic had already been addressed by another member.

Again, if you had taken the time to actually ready, you would have seen this:

In case some are still confused, let me summarize:

  • Penfed will pull a copy of your credit report (just like any banking institution where you plan to open an account).
  • There are no exceptions to the 60 day waiting period to generate a certificate.

EDIT: I can also confirm they did a soft pull of my credit report last December when I joined.


Been with PenFed for months now. Can someone please show me how to view/generate the certificate?

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Thanks a lot!

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Does the leasee have to be a penfed member? Or is a household member good enough?

The leasee has to be a Penfed member.

Anyone can join.

At least one of the organizations in the dropdown menu shown below recognizes you as a member after making a small donation.

I don’t remember which one I chose because it’s been too long, but someone else may have a suggestion.

I don’t recommend PenFed for anything else. Two things I’ve attempted (a mortgage and MBI coverage on one of our cars) were complete disasters.

I also have one of their credit cards, and it’s the least rewarding rewards card of the ~25 I have.

I think the place is run by a clown troupe. :clown_face:

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They may have changed the policy, but when I joined within the last year, I don’t think I even needed to be a member of any organization; they just had open enrollment. Maybe that policy has changed?

Definitely possible that they’ve changed / waived the requirements.

I recall seeing the “none of the above” option when I joined, but that was a dead end for me.

It would be great if someone tries to join this way now and reports back.

Does being a member of any of those organizations eliminate a hard credit pull when applying for membership?

Just an FYI…

The guy that just landed the 7 series unicorn tried applying the PenFed rebate in addition to his loyalty rebate and got turned down by his dealer. Apparently they don’t stack…

Thats how i joined like 5-6 months ago

Not that I’m aware of. I think you should expect a hard pull.

@TheBigTuna here is that stackability matrix and you can see where the confusion is.


According to a few data points on Doctor of Credit it moved to a soft pull as long as you opt out of overdraft on checking. Not sure about savings accounts. For my .02 since I started churning bank accounts and credit cards, the only impact has ever been 6-10 points that comes back in about 6-8 weeks so I really do not give a second thought to hard pulls anymore assuming I am not about to buy a house.