[Pending Transfer] 2018 Mercedes-Benz C350e PHEV: $365+Tax/month + SoCal + Red Carpool Sticker

*** RED CARPOOL STICKER DECAL Expiring 1/1/2022 ***

Reason for Transfer: Moving

• 2018 Mercedes-Benz C350e Plugin Hybrid
• Black / Black MB-Tex
• Monthly Payment: $400.01 includes LA county tax
• Lease Expires: 2/8/21
• Total Allowed Mileage: 36,000 (12K/year)
• Current Mileage: 13,217 (as of 5/02/2019)

Red Carpool sticker not shown in pictures because it is still in the glove box.

Smartphone Integration Package
Rear-View Camera
18" double 5-spoke
Homelink Garage Door Opener
LED headlight
Airmatic Rear Suspension


Transfer Fee outlined by MBFS.
All States except CA and WI: $595.00 plus tax*
California: $695.00 plus tax*
Wisconsin: $0.00

Nice. C350e is pretty rare and hard to find. Did you pay a good amount upfront?


My friend had 2 with almost $60k sticker at the same time in February. @dukez even tried to get one and ship :slightly_smiling_face:
He thought $435/mo with first month and MSDs was too high lol

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At the time of signing we applied the following certs.

Loyalty … forgot the amount
AMEX $1000
AMG customer appreciation $500

then we did basic drive offs 1st month / reg / bankfee

Long Beach MBZ was nice to us too.

Not sure what the MSRP of this one is, but I couldn’t justify $400 for a C-class that needed shipping. This, however is right at $400 and doesn’t have to ship. So it’s a good deal :blush:

Edit: jk, just saw this MSRP is way lower :joy:

Lease Transfer process outlined by MBFS in case others are wondering

I am interested in this deal. However i stay in Fremont, CA area. So not sure if it can be worked out. Please let me know… Thanks

Unfortunately she got the car in Feb 18 not when MBZ was killing them off during Feb 19. Just like the 330e are forever cursed after BMW-hackr storm of April 2019.

MSD will probably make it harder to transfer when life happens. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’m sorry about my contribution to this! LOL

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I agree…I dont think Ive ever seen a single one of these on the road. Great looking car:+1:

Let me know if pending app falls through

Second applicant credit approved.

Team Admin: Please lock the thread. Thanks