PENDING PLEASE CLOSE! (New England Only) Killer deal on a loaded Tacoma - MSRP $41xxx 24/10K - $249/month + Tax ; First, Plates and MSDs DAS


Buyer backed out on this gorgeous Tacoma Off Road manual. Best cement color!

Loaded with premium package, tech pack, leather, roof, etc…

Manual transmission

$249+ Tax
Das: MSDs, first and plates



Thats a nice truck, giving away the location with the tank.

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Eesh thx man



Almost as cool as my loaded deal last month. Missing that trd exhaust though! Nice price!

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Why cant I find this type of deal in the Chicago area?

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Cant answer that one :slight_smile:



Let’s roll this, this weekend!



i strongly approve this deal - You will sell it tomorrow - You got my good luck charm

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Don’t reduce. Be patient. Snowflakes can’t drive stick these days. The right buyer will come along! Took me 3 weeks to get rid of my loaded taco MT



@delta737h -

Have you been following these threads? I’m shocked I haven’t seen you note how much the ROI is for using MSDs on these 24 month Tacoma notes. Not being sarcastic for the record.

For specific trims (TRD Sport and Off Road) they save $50/month or $1200 over a 24 month note.

Assuming a $225 payment, the outlay is only $2025 to get there. Amazing.



Toyota msds are insane! Guaranteed Returns like this are unheard of in finance. Not sure how they do it. I’m guessing the negative interest rates in Japan coupled with a carry trade. Some type of sketchy Japanese accounting no doubt.



Just Wondering why can’t we use in NE one pay like Cody in CA and get 100bp reductions of MF vs 72bp reduction with max MSD?




Do you show a one pay less expensive than MSDs in Philly on this deal?


Good call! I wonder if the dealers just don’t know about the reduction amount and therefore just show it with the standard MF?

@Cody_Carter - any thoughts sir?

We’ll figure this one out! :slight_smile:



If they handle the one pay the same as they do in LA Region a 1 pay should be better than MSD



That equates to a whopping ROR of 30.4%, tax free of course. Even if the lessee only gets 1400 of the 2025 back at lease end, that’s still a 17% ROR. It’s a no-brainer.

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Love it! Thank you!



@Bostoncarconcierge, @Jrouleau426
I got at least one dealership in CT to confirm that 0.00100 is the reduction for one pay.
If your contacts at dealerships can figure this one you may never able to offer even better deals:)

Btw, I’m curious if a person can do OnePay lease in NY as opposite of prohibited MSD and still get an awesome deal.
Who should we ping for that in NY region?:slight_smile:

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You need to sign up as a broker! You are sharp!



I see how much time I’m taking for my own cars from including weekends and I’m not yet sure I’m there to give up my time w kids:)
Even though I like this game of riddles.
If only it won’t be for customers as they say in retail:)

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Curious as to why you choose return on revenue here? I think a more appropriate calculation would be NPV, or even perhaps a simple ROI. In NPV terms, if you were to contribute the $2025 pretax to a 401k (in a 1 time lump sum), and assume you’re in a 24% tax bracket, your NPV on the MSD’s is only +$200, less if you assume compounding interest on the 401k contribution. That is, of course, if you haven’t maxed out 401k contributions ($19k for 2019?), which I’m assuming most here already do. It’s not a perfect example, just something one could look at.

I’m not denying MSD’s are a good return, but you need to look at your full financial picture before putting thousands in an illiquid asset for 2-3 years. My $.02

Nevertheless - great deal @Bostoncarconcierge!

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