PENDING NEW 2018 330e MSPORT 317/mo plus tax, 2.5K DAS + MSDs



they gave me 4 for my tesla back in may… I only put 2 on the back and none on the front


I have the code and the small print says:
RESTRICTIONS APPLY. $1,000 offer valid on eligible new model year 2018 and 2019 vehicles in dealer stock delivered and retailed through April 30, 2019

So, is it today only, or until April 30?
Maybe you meant that today is the last day to generate the code ?


Today is the last day to generate the code and since a lot will have ol codes for other dealers, the dealer wants this sold today to ensure the credit is applied correctly. As for the $1k vs $500, the ol code only is a $500 rebate, the other $500 is dealer contribution (which is invalid in this case as the car is significantly under invoice).


emission don’t qualify


Correct! Vehicles still available as of writing this comment!


Pricing went up a tad but if you have an ol code, I can still honor 500 off the das!


This is a killer deal. New car means qualifies for BMWCCA $500 rebate

Along with my recent deal on my 330e, this is the best I’ve seen.

If you can stand the red, grab it!


Thanks for the kind words! Cars still available and I personally love the red interior!


Any chance we can arrange shipping to NYC ?


This vehicle is for in-state only unfortunately


Are those monthly and DAS payments before or after lease credit and incentives have been added?


Dude “Available Incentives: $6500 Lease Credit, $1000 Loyalty included

Seriously doubt anyone will be able to beat this, it is new and 12% before incentives is the best that has been posted. This is 319 + tax on a brand new 57K BMW. Look at the loaner deals posted here the last few weeks (ex: ). This smokes 'em. Plus you will be saving $ on gas (my commute is entirely on battery and I have used 1/8th tank of gas for the last 300 miles–I am not even sure it is ok to let the gas stagnate, at this rate I will fill up in about 2 months if I drive outside my commute). My effective monthly payment is that much less. Plus, I heard SCE gives $1000 this year for plug-ins- @LeaseHero, I am assuming this SCE rebate is in addition to the $6500 rebate goes directly towards cap reduction, because it is applied after the lease is signed and comes directly from SCE to me? If so, you should advertise this at least as a possible added incentive! 330e qualifies for the SCE rebate. The clean air folks tell me that some rebates are stackable so I think this is real. Per my online application so far, I am certified, just awaiting verification of my application. Excited to hear, will post results.
If it hits, the effective monthly on my deal (and this one, above) is about $40 lower (or TDAS is $1000 less)!

See here:

There are other rebates available in CA, so if you are not an SCE customer there may be other opportunities.


Monthly and das of course include the incentives, sales price is before incentives


You can apply for whatever ev rebates post purchase so that 1k is separate from the 6500 and 1000 loyalty credit. It does sweeten the deal quite a bit!


That would make it like $139 a month for a 57K car. I leased a 49k loaner with 1500 down back in August for $315 a month. This sounds like a very good deal.


Do you know if this has adaptive cruise control? Can’t seem to keep up with BMW options and such…

And agree with everyone else, this looks to be a great deal. been eyeing this one since it first popped up (resparked my want for coral red). Have 4 months left on my current lease, so I’m going back and forth on whether to bite the bullet :sweat_smile: or else, It’d be gone.


No adaptive cruise control, but I agree, I’m in love with the coral red! Please let me know if there is anything I can further assist you with!


its really 10% before incentives if you look at the marked up MF :wink: its standard issue on BMW


In the future, you can tell if an F30 has ACC by looking at the left side of the steering wheel. There are blank buttons where the ACC buttons would be closer to the horn.


It’s not a marked up money factor, it’s adjusted to waive the $925 acq fee for a lower monthly…