(PENDING) 2018 BMW 330e $287/month pre-tax, 7 months remaining w/ 16K miles, Bay Area only

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 330e
Location: Bay Area, CA

MSRP: $50810
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $287

Current mileage: 11620
Maturity mileage: 27939
Effective miles per month: 2331 miles per month
Maturity date: 3/15/2021

MSD due (if any): 0
Cash due (if any): 0
Incentive for new lessee (if any): 0

Financial institution: BMWFS
Transfer fee: $500
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): I think YES but prefer local only

Transfer fee pay by potential buyer. I remember finance guy told me Maintenance Program is not transferable. Maintenance service for 2nd year is complete on 7/27/20, this saves $100-$150. Registration fee for 2020-2021 is already paid, this saves another $500+.

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:

  • Convenience Package - Keyless Entry, Moonroof, Lumbar Support
  • Shodow Sport Edition - Sport Leather Steering Wheel, 18’’ Wheel and Run Flat Tire, Sport Seat, Park Distance Control, LED Fog Lights
  • Active Blind Spot Detection
  • Parked in garage 90% of the time
  • No Pet & No Smoking
  • Small curb rash (not exceed 2’’), no idea where it came from



can I apply for it, from seattle, wa?

Hello I’m Bay Area and interested ? Is this still available

Replied to all PM.

Make this available again for now as BMWFS informed me currently they are not able to move forward with the person who started the application.

Hi, was this car a loaner? Is another maintenance needed before the lease ends? I am interested and I am based in the BayArea.

It was a loaner. I don’t think you need another maintenance before lease ends, I just took the vehicle for maintenance for 2nd year on 7/27/20. Lease maturity date is on 3/15/2021, 7 months left.

Ok. Sounds good. I am traveling tomorrow to Sunday. I will reach out to you on Monday if the car is still available.

I’d be interested but can’t check out till Sunday. LMK if this is still available

Looks like its pending now. Let me know if it falls through. Best of luck!