[Pending] 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4 Double Cab $191 month plus $1k down. 16 months/30k miles remaining. MSRP $36,251

Transferred, unfortunately not to LH member


My husband is very interested. We live in MI.

I’ve responded to all the PMs. No on has committed to the transfer yet.

Great looking truck, love the unorthodox color, really nice deal!

Thanks. I originally wanted the bright blue but it sold, so it was this or a white.

Must. Resist.

Join the lease hacking side…

For those that asked the residual is $30,800.

I am still interested. I would be picking up. don’t know how long the process will take though. Does the payment include gap.


I believe it includes GAP, but I have it from my regular insurance as well. It is a few dollars added on with them.

Hi i am interested, gonna PM you. I’m located in Middlesex county

I never received a PM from you.

PM’d interested in takeover

Interested. Check pm

Responded to all the PMs and updated the mileage and months remaining. I received the paperwork from them and scanned it so I can definitely move forward now.

I’ll take it over. Please message me

Why are you looking to get out of the truck?

Sorry, this is pending as of last week.

I would still like to understand why you are getting out of the lease. I think it would help forum members if there’s something that’s turning you off about it.

Deal Pending. LMK if it falls through and needs reopened.