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might be a silly question but here goes. I am working with a dealer to buy my lease car. I have the payoff amount right now. which is valid until October 30. I have a payment coming up on October 22. I am actually planning on going to the dealer on October 22. Since the payment will be pulled from my account on the morning of the 22nd, would my payoff amount be different on the 22nd? I would think that would be the case?

i dont want to sell my lease car and have the payoff amount be higher and not take into consideration the payment i will make that day.

any insight is appreciated.


Yes, it will be applied to your RV. But is Oct 30th your maturity date? If so, and if you don’t have a buyer or offer then I suggest you extend your lease until you’re happy with your deal or offer. Do it early so you don’t have to stress about doing a rather impulsive deal unless you’re ok with it and you get positive equity. That’s what I did for my Lexus RX.

Maturity date is January 22, 2022. I started shopping early at different Benz dealers to see what they can offer and pleasantly surprised at the offers ive gotten, so pulling the trigger early.

thanks for the answer!

Awesome to hear. Are you going with a dealer? Or third party like carvana and Carmax. If that’s the best deal go for it. Know that the values in offer can vary as well. I initially thought I had the best deal but then ended up going with a private party and that was the bestest of all deals I was offered. And it was within days after I extended my lease as I was so close to pulling the trigger with the dealer but luckily I held out cause I had more time…

Mb doesn’t allow 3rd party buyouts anymore

Carvana and Carmax? I know vroom doesn’t. Wonder if others have followed suit. Never hurts to ask and accept the offer if it’s better than local dealers.

Vroom doesn’t buy any leases.
No one can buy a Mercedes Lease except the Lessee or a Mercedes Dealer…period.

They used to till about last month cause that’s what they told me when I got an offer for my RX. That’s right I forgot you’re talking about Mercedes. Sorry.

yes Benz doesnt, and Benz offer is pretty much the offer I got from Vroom, which is awesome.

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