Pay $35 to be able to contact a seller on LeaseTrader?

I found a vehicle I’m interested in on LeaseTrader. I click contact seller and am greeted by a screen that wants me to pay at minimum $35 just to contact the person. All I want to know is the options the vehicle has/window sticker (not listed in the ad) and the residual value (also not in the ad). Do I really have to pay $35 to ask the seller this information about the vehicle or am I missing something here?

I guess… What ya think?

Same applies to swapalease. How else to reach the seller? :slight_smile:

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Read the reviews, such as expired listings that should have been removed ages ago because the cars were transferred or sold.

Seems like you should be able to contact the seller, and they (LT) could monitor things like emails and phone numbers being exchanged. But sure, they want to make money, just seems like they can come up with a way to do so without forcing me to pay $35 that someone else may have inquired about yesterday and is “first in line” so to speak. Waste of $35 to send what is basically an email to someone.