Paperwork in advance of Financing (not leasing) for Telluride in PA

My wife’s Telluride is scheduled to arrive on 12/22. We’re turning in her QX 60 this Saturday to avoid another month’s payment (payment was due 11/25 but Infiniti allows a 10 day grace period for grounding). Although we don’t need two vehicles, it’s certainly more convenient and I’d like to have everything locked up prior to purchase. Unfortunately the Telluride boards are much more basic in knowledge than this site so they were no help, many people are happy to pay 5k over sticker!!! Should I ask for the final paperwork now to avoid any problems when we go to pick up the vehicle? I realize this is an elementary question but I haven’t purchased a new vehicle for a verrrrryyyy long time and don’t know if it’s common like it is when leasing. In the event things don’t work out, I don’t want to be without a second vehicle as we have the QX60 at a low rate until Feb 25th and can likely extend further.

You’re not likely to be able to fill out everything until the vehicle arrives at the dealer, but they should have no problem sending you a detailed cost breakdown.


Did you agree on a price (in writing) with the dealer before placing your order? Do you plan to go with your own financing?

The OTD cost is pretty simple.

Selling price = MSRP (assuming you ordered on this condition)
$390 doc fee capped for all PA dealers
Cost of DMV (plates, reg & title)
Sales tax
= final price.

If you choose to finance through the captive it’s 1.9% APR for up to 60 months IIRC.

Monthly payment will depend on how much you choose to put down. Any online auto loan calculator can spit that out.

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Of course, I’ll reach out. Wanted to make sure I wasn’t asking for something out of the norm with financing. Thank you both.

My cousin got a Sorento from Conshi dealer last week (Finance). It was also an order and the cost break up they had provided matched exactly what he finally paid.

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Meh that’s pretty normal.

We just got a Telluride for my wife last month. We ordered the vehicle from a dealer in Colorado (we are in AZ) to get it at MSRP. The dealer in Colorado did everything using docusign and the loan was funded two days before we flew up there to pick it up. It was possible to wrap everything up as long as the vehicle was on the ground at the dealership.

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Awesome, appears to be the same spec we are getting - SX PP, NF.

Reservation of an incoming vehicle but the vin is created, verified through failcat and I have an ETA of 12/22. Put a deposit down. Dealer had no problem providing the cost breakdown but they tried to sneak in a 999 service contract.

Dot the Is and cross tbe Ts, since your financing are you using Kia finance or a third party bank. With the dealership anyways make sure that you’re getting the best interest rate possible.

Can’t really say if there’s anything else to look out for other than addendums like the service contract.

They took it off. Here’s a snip of the cost sheet. Doc fee seems to be slightly over the max, should I bother? My wife still hasn’t seen one and I was going to show her a used one that’s nearby but it sold. Called the dealer and it sold for full sticker 45k but it was a 2020 with 71k! Crazy times…


This is through Kia financial, 1.9 for 60 months, and my county is a 6% tax rate. Using the Infiniti MSDSs as the downpayment.

Yep, SXP NF is what we ordered. It’s a really nice vehicle.

I had the roof wrapped black as you can see in the picture.

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Wait a second. Someone bought a 2020 model with 71k miles? Yikes!

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That’s not the issue. It’s they paid 5k less than what I am for convenience of having a vehicle now.

394 is the max according to PA law, no worries. I don’t see any issues at first glance, what’s your credit score like?

I didn’t reverse the interest rate yet but make sure to shop that!

I checked the interest rate, lines up. >800 credit. Thanks.

I see your point. However, you are getting a brand new car with 0 miles on the odometer vs a used vehicle with 75k miles on it.

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Good afternoon,
I am new to this forum and live in California where they are asking between $5K and $18K. Can I ask what dealer you utilized in Colorado?

Thanks for your help!