PA: $721 M3CS - San Marino Blue - $5600 MSD - $500 Transfer Fee


I forgot to mention, a few times when my transfer out was declined, BMW allowed the new leasee to reapply with a cosigner, and they then approved it.

Another angle, and admittedly this is a stretch, if the new leasee is declined but they are willing to make all of the lease payments in advance, perhaps BMW would reconsider. It’s probably going to be tough to find a leasee willing to do that however. I did do that once on a VW lease however (to help the original leasee with his risk since VW keeps the original please see on the contract even after the swap).

The reality is that this is a 106k ish car—income is going to be significant factor, more so than the assumer being able to afford the lease payment. BMW specifically does not care if you’re one paying the lease…you have to be good for the car (106k)…income & assets are hugely significant.

let me put it this way, if Ferrari decided to lease out the 488 Pista for $300 a month tomorrow, I would not be able to get one. Even though I can easily afford $300 per month, I am not good for a $400k car. Bank will not approve me on it, regardless of the payment.
On the other hand, if chose to lease a camry for $2000 per month, I’d easily approved because I can easily afford a 30k car several times over


Am I reading this correctly? If the original lessee is a HIGHER risk they decline the transfer? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that they’d want the new, lower risk lessee?

Yes, Swisstraxs. No movement . Nice product IMO

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I’ve done a few BMW transfers now, and have never had anyone declined. Then again, these are very uncertain times.

Yeah, I was confused by what he wrote too.

Bad wording on my part. When I said “superior risk”, since no one is risk-free, I meant to imply that superior risk= lower risk.

yeah…thats another unfortunate part of the issue as well.

No joke, I was honestly thinking the exact same thing.

I’m interested. Looking for an m4. Newbie but willing to learn. Fico score in 800s

With a garage like that you have to be replacing it with something. What are you replacing it with?

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You’re interested in my M3CS posted here for LT, or you are searching for an M4? PM me your contact info, and where are you located?

Nothing unless this one goes quickly, as my potential replacements will be sold from under me lol

That was quick. Did BMW say why? (Low credit score, not enough income, high DTI).

They never say why…Ive asked a bunch of times as the original leasee. They only disclose the decision rationale to the applicant.

Got you. I was just curious.

Ive been curious on this too! Especially when a swap falls through because of it…

The guy who was declined seemed like a pretty legit enthusiast over on the forums, and had a significant history there, not like so many one hit wonders with no post history. He warned me that he might not get approved before applying bc he has two current M leases. But he didn’t care about loosing $100, so why not. When the guy got word he was declined he texted me and explained how this happened to him last year when he assumed an M5. He’s a small business owner, and the lease transfer dept has higher qualifications than had he just walked into a dealership today to buy a new car. He could reapply/make a case, but he knows how long it took him last time and he knows I’m eager to transfer asap to sign the next deal.

When BMWFS eventually called to tell me the credit was denied, I reiterated what the guy told me, and although she could not get into specifics, she did say that the credit of the assuming party needs to meet or exceed that of the original leasee. He likely can’t verify all his income being a small business owner.

Somebody jump on this deal!!!

Appreciate the explanation.

Wow! 2 M cars and most folks (including me) can only dream of owning/leasing just ONE some day.

Good luck with the transfer.

Thanks, hopefully it will go to a good home.
Here’s my current M3CS with it’s previous stablemate, my wife’s 2018 X5M. But the X5M was too much performance for my wife who could not care less about cars (she never even programmed her M1/2 buttons in the 15 months we owned it!) Now she has the “Goldilocks” 2020 X5 M50i which is a nice compromise for both of us (okay, maybe her more than me) lol