PA - 2024 Willys 4xe MSRP $60,415 - $499/month with an asterisk


Calculator at bottom. Read on for the asterisk.

Pennsylvania (9% tax monthly)
MSRP - $60415
Selling Price - $55,500
Rebates - $12,000 (no loyalty and no affiliate)
Acquisition Fee - $995 (disgusting)
Residual - 59%
MF - via SFS - .00294
Dealer Fees - $464
Gov’t Fees - $213.47

Deal done on last day of month - 5/31

The asterisk ****- buckle up, there are a lot of moving pieces all coming together on the last day of the month.

I had a 2020 Acura MDX lease coming due sitting at 36,500 miles (my lease allowed for 45,000 miles because I had rollover miles from a prior lease - a nice Acura feature). I had extended the lease which originally ended in March.

To turn the lease in I was going to get dinged for tires, brakes, a chipped windshield, and some scratches, at a minimum. I looked into selling to Acura and Honda dealers.

But…. the vehicle was under an open recall that could not be fixed because parts were unavailable, which caused the vehicle to be under a “stop sale” from Acura and Honda dealers, aka the only dealers I’m allowed to sell the vehicle to, which meant my only option was to ground the lease and pay thousands + dispo fee.

I call AFS, and ask nicely, but firmly, for an exception to their policy over a few phone calls, to allow me to sell the vehicle to a 3rd party dealer. I explain that this unsolvable open recall is really screwing me. The exception is granted.

I now have multiple offers from Carvana, ALGO, etc to negotiate with the Jeep Dealer. Highest offer was $28,000 and lease payoff was $26,500. ($1500 equity)

But…those offers were for the vehicle being in excellent condition. I know Carvana, etc would have lowered the offer upon inspection for the tires, brakes and windshield. I doubt they would have even given me the payoff amount.

So the asterisk: the calculator shows trade- in equity of $2,027 which brings up my effective over the $499/month I’m paying, but I honestly could not have captured that equity in any other way than with this dealer on this day.

I checked with the brokers. No one had the exact build I wanted in stock. Without affiliate and loyalty, and with the broker fee, higher dealer fees, and shipping (and inability to take my lease) I couldn’t find anything close to the deal I got, even though the brokers have a much higher discount on paper.

You could, and I do, make the case that my effective is actually lower than $499. I had the deal pre-negotiatied at $499 ahead of time but was prepared to have to fight over my trade value at the dealership. They did not even mention the tires, brakes or windshield. I was in and out in an hour, happy to just be done with the Acura. I think I would have had to pay somewhere around $2000 + dispo to turn in the lease but was able to get an exception and turn that onto $2027 in trade allowance.

I’m happy with deal and love the Jeep. Could I have pushed harder on discount? Maybe but I tried every dealer within 100 miles and no one would play ball. This dealer originally wouldn’t play ball either but it all came together on the last day of the month.