PA 2016 328i xdrive service loaner with 2400 miles

Soft offer (manager was unavailable near closing last night)

Sport, Tech, Luxury, Driver Assist, Weather, Harman/Kardon radio. Looks immaculate to me, they will touch-up/detail as needed prior to delivery. Black/Oyster. Seat fits backside purrfectly.

MSRP-$51,000–CA says invoice is 0.93 or $47,430
Sales Price $44,000 ~8% below invoice
36m/12K miles, RF=.66 (great deal?)
Up front-all fees including acquisition-~$1,700*
Base MF 0.00136
7MSDs, no cap cost pre-pay

Lease Hacker calcs a $387 payment (including 9% sales tax on payment)

*Not 100% sure on acq fee in the upfronts, have emailed CA that if not in upfronts, then need sales price of $43K.

Mostly negotiating on getting the final payment including tax and 7MSD <$400/mo with $1,700 up front. I try to not get hung up on the details as long as the final numbers work (so no clue on rebates, miles add-on, etc. If I buy a a car for $20K I don’t care if its $1 and $19,999 fees-just that $20K is what I’m willing to pay all-in)


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You forgot to adjust the residual for the miles. But id say under 400 with msd and tax would be good. aq fee i think is either 795 or 995 i think

Seems looking at the forums a good 3 series demo deal is about .75% monthly of MSRP, no cap cost or MSD’s, so you are almost there,I think you can push harder on price, you can find new cars with 7k off. The bank fee is 925 for BMW.