Own a 2013 Panamera GTS. Looking to sell or trade for a lease

Have a beautiful panamera. Realizing I’d rather lease a car than keep up with high maintenance on this one. I’m asking close to 47.5k. Willing to sell, or possibly trade for a lease here. (I would like a cayenne, or macan?) need this gone asap so will prob be sold this week, so reach out quick.

Car is immaculate with a little over 50k miles.

Text me at 917 667 0246 if you have any offers.

Check out the #marketplace for Porsche Cayenne and Macan deals, and if you like something there then see what the broker/dealer can offer for your Panamera

@DNA_Auto_Wholesale1 bought my car for a great price, I’d reach out to him for a quote


I would say the steering wheel and large spots in the hood does not equal immaculate.


47.5 is probably a bit high. They retail for less than that so wholesale is right around 38-40k.

Edit: Sorry meant for OP

Sorry that there’s 3 spots of dust on a 10 year old vehicle. Steering wheel looks the same as it did in 2013. Not sure what unrealistic expectations you have

If you need it sold quick then price it that way. Low 30s. Check cargurus yours would be prob the highest priced in the country. If you want a serious wholesale offer message me

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Then maybe post more/better pictures of a clean car because it looks like the steering wheel is worn and there is some discoloration/chips/small marks on the hood. Maybe a curb rash on the front wheel but hard to tell. Immaculate to me is concours ready. No such thing on a 10 year car with 50k miles unless it went through complete reconditioning. GLWS.


Use it for Conquest for a Merc SL. $10k rebate.


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