Overheard while in for service

Thought I’d make a thread for when the dealership claims its not a loaner eligible service, and you’ve been sitting on the floor for three hours for an oil change.

Just witnessed an MSRP SQ5 with blessings (diamond ceramic), they are in finance now, but door is shut.

When the BMW service didn’t give me a loaner, I went into the 7 series they had, left a giant fart, and walked back to the waiting area for some free ice cream…so I could fart more.


So were the farts overheard?

The BMW dealer in my local auto mall no longer has any free food. Maybe this is why.

Oh man, I missed the opportunity to test drive the two test drive only q4’s and unload.

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Back when I was leasing my CX-5, person was talking to finance next door and I could hear.

My CX-5 was almost fully loaded and she was leasing a pretty basic Mazda3 for almost twice what I was paying.

I wanted to tell her to stop and send her a link to the forum.

I find it’s difficult for people to take in the forum. What I recommend to people (like the elderly woman with a early 2000’s rav 4 in the handicap spot next to me 4xe who said she wants an electric Jeep) is a broker that I’ve worked with it seems very reputable. Most people won’t bother reading/searching the forum or will be overwhelmed the first time here. In the case you mentioned she would have likely paid $500 for a broker to save several thousand in payments.

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Would second that, people would be far more successful and pliable to dealing with a single broker than whole forum scene.