Over mileage, whats the best option


i called bmw fiinancial earlier. My buyout right now with remaining payments & tax is 37k. In august it will be 34k. Im waiting to get quote from vroom and carvana

Hate to break it to you but you’re probably looking at $7-8k in negative equity right now, maybe more.

Let us know. I’m very curious about bmw residual vs market value during a lease.

USUALLY bmws are very underwater, but who knows!

You’re probably going to be underwater, and the negative will be more than finishing the lease and paying the mileage over.

Anyone know if bmw runs any pull ahead programs? That’s usually the best way out, but not every manufacturer offers them.

BMW doesn’t do pull ahead. Mercedes does 6 payments pull ahead

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yupp vroom quoted my car at 23,500

also, calculate your buyout without tax. If you are selling to dealership you dont pay tax when buying the car from BMWFS if I recall correctly.

You should confirm with BMWFS.

Ouch negative $15k equity?

that’s worse than alfa romeo lol

Stop driving it. Buy a cheap beater or use Uber. Welcome to the forum.

Bad advice. Even if he stops driving it he still needs to insure it. At this pace, he’ll probably be 6 or 7k miles over at lease end. At 23 cents a mile, it’s around $1500, which really isn’t the end of the world. This sounds harsh, but if you can’t afford a $1500 over mileage bill, you shouldn’t be leasing a $50k luxury car.

Getting a beater or relying on Uber won’t save any money.

I suggest just continue driving it, but pre-pay the miles before turning it on.

Yes contact bmw financial. OP should be able to at least pre pay some miles @20 cents. Maybe less.

Make sure not to overpay either.

BMW pre-pay is now .23/mile

has nothing to do with not being able to afford the 1,500. I wanted to see if it was worth just paying off the lease and turning it in early or if anyone has had luck with bmw dealers taking over the last few payments and getting into a new car. I’ve gone to two dealers and no one will let me “pull ahead”. Even though they call me atleast two times a week saying they want my car back early.

If the dealer is taking over the last few payments, guaranteed they are rolling it into the new lease or reducing discount to compensate. There’s no BMW corporate pull-ahead at the moment, so no dealer will cut you a break without you paying for it.

People have a misconception that dealers will bend over backwards and throw money at you to get you into a new car. Reality is, unless the captive supports it, there’s no freebie and the buyer pays one way or another.

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No dealer “wants” the car based on the current value vs. amount owed, so it’s just a sales ploy to get you to the dealership.

23 cents per mile isn’t bad for a $500/month car, so I would just keep it and be ready to pay the overage and start looking in July and maybe you can find a unicorn to offset the money spent on mileage.

Try to swap a lease and offer money to cover 1k that You over and also equivalent of 1k miles per month for new owner.

Can’t swap a BMW with less than 6 months remaining. That ship has sailed.

Got it.