Over mileage delimna (help)

Please help me confirm what makes more sense. I’m sure this will be easy for the forum but I don’t know what really make sense.

Current miles is 36,737
I’m over mileage 6737= $1684
Benz will credit $700 for overage mileage leaving me owing $984
Benz will credit 3 months payments leaving me owing 3 months (including payment in 3 days)

Basically my payment will be $459/36 months ($984 + 3 months payment) included.

It would have been $405 without me owing 3 months payment

Put down $1500 which include the first month lease and all the other fees. Lease would be $459

Or should I do this Below?

If I keep my current c300 until November, I’ll pay $659 per month until November
I estimated about $3000 in over mileage.
Get in a new lease with the right mileage 12k.

I currently have 10k mileage per year (bad move on my part)
Current lease is high because I traded in my eclass.

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