Outrageous offer received from Lexus( so cal

Wanna hear something funny?
My current Lexus GS350 sport is ending in June, so I got a letter from Lexus saying that I can get some incentives by leasing another car from Lexus.
The GS350 2018 looks no different than my 2015 one, I got a great deal on my current GS. Zero due at signing, 35 payments of $470(tax included) MSRP $56500.
I thought I would give Lexus another shot, but certainly not GS again. I liked the new LS, but it is probably too expensive, the advertising special is $5k down, $899 plus tax on 36/10k. Msrp $74,000, so it is obviously high. Then this sales guy said, we have a LS460 2017 demo (4K miles)in stock, great discount, 16k off msrp of $89000, do you want to hear a quote?
I would have went for it if the price is reasonable.

Guess what? The guy offers me $1534 per month with $2300 drive off… $1534 per month for a 2017 ls 460 with 4000 miles on it!!!
I asked the guy, for $1534 per month, I could’ve got a brand new LS500, or S class or 7 series, Why would I want to lease an old Lexus? I would pay $50k in 3 years, for a residual of 33%. He told me he thought the discount of 16k would attract me

The guys at this Lexus dealership certainly has a good sense of humor…

There’s already a thread for bad lease deals/offers, no need to create a new thread.

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