Outback deals good?

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Always selling price. Then make sure MF is not marked up. Outbacks have been selling at high discounts - try for 14-16% off.

Thanks! I was unsure how much discount they were going for these days. I saw on Edmunds that the MF this month from Subaru is 0.00075, so I’ll try to negotiate that down as well.

Also you can try to get a Subaru ambassador coupon, which will give you another $500 discount. There should be topic on reddit about these coupons and how you can request one…


Definitely. Someone here said he just asked his dealer for referral to a local ambassador, or something like that.

It depends on the market I believe, some NorCal dealers were doing up to 16% off but that was towards the end of 2017. I believe I’ve seen a 17 3.6 limited go for around 300. Keep in mind though, the RV has gone down and a deal like that is probably not replicable right now. Id shoot for 16% but be happy with 13-14%.

That can all change by Nov or Dec.

I’ve requested the following:
2018 Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring

MSRP: $40,989
Selling Price: $34430 (16% off MSRP)
Down Payment: $0
MSD: $0

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 0.00075
Residual: 61%

Haven’t heard back yet. Hopefully that doesn’t piss them off too bad… we’ll see.

If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. That said, I think it may be a bit ambitious…

Should be $342/mo (incl. tax and $595 acquisition fee)

Who knows, they might take it. Honestly, if I was a dealer, I’d start getting rid of my outback inventory before the ascent arrives on the lots.

I suspect a lot more people are going to go for a crossover over a lifted wagon.

Or maybe just wait for the ascent so you can give them a ridiculous lowball offer on an 18 outback.

I’m seeing the Ascent availability date as “early summer 2018”. Does that sound right?

Yes, production is already in full swing. Should start seeing them in lots with all the other 2019s.

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You can build it on-line and order it. Then see what the numbers are when it arrives. But negotiate sales price when you order it.

Haven’t heard back from them yet…I’m betting they’re mad lol

They probably aren’t - it may be your sales guy’s day off.

MSRP $40989
Selling price $36116
$0 down
12,000 miles/36 months
MF = 0.00075
Residual = 61%

What’s the monthly? Any garbage doc fees? Where are you located?

Discount is pretty good. But, we’re starting to move towards 2019 MY on the lots when the Ascent is going to land and most seem to believe that it’ll impact Outback sales, hard. I’d try to shoot for 14-16% off.

Doc fee $366
Non tax fee $44
Monthly $412

Doesn’t look too bad. I’d try to shoot for a bigger discount. Also try to get your hands on a Subaru Ambassador Coupon if you can find someone in your area. That’ll also save you $500.

He says he’s already at the buy rate on the lease already…I’m assuming that means bottom dollar?