Out of State Deal for NY


I’m planning on leasing a Lexus NX300h, only issue is the dealer is located in DC area but I’m currently located in NYC and live here.
I currently have a lease that expires at the end of the month and would’ve liked to transfer plates/reg over but not quite sure about the process.

Can anyone help me out with possible solutions to this and what my options are?


For the transfer of plates they can do this, the service they use to register will put in the paperwork for new registration and plates transfer. You use temp plates until the paperwork comes back and then you put on the old plates once dealer confirms all completed. I’ve done this a bunch of times when buying in NJ but live in NY.

Get a local dealer to match or beat the deal

I’ve tried calling around, no one would budge any where close

You could always make one last ditched effort, “if you guys want to sell a car today match this deal”, ask for the sales manager and say you’ll sign today

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Doesn’t always work. I had an offer for 13% off from a dealer 300mi away. My local dealer had the exact same car and won’t budge from 11%. I was sitting in front of him, told explicitly that I’m ready to sign even at 12%, right now and take delivery, but he was like nopes. Its 11% or you go drive…

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Just depends on what the hassle is worth to you, gas time, etc

One thing I’ll say is that you should make sure all the paperwork is in order before making the trip. DC/VA dealers are notorious for offering high discounts by treating the destination fee separately, even though it’s baked into the MSRP in most cases. Make sure that the price doesn’t suddenly jump by $1,000 or more before you make a trip.


yup. All my last 3 cars have been 300mi away (norcal to socal). But before I take a flight, I make sure everything is lined up. I walk in, sign and drive off.

Just wondering, have you approached it from a sales price perspective, or from a monthly payment perspective? As others here have pointed out there’s definitely a “fear of low payment” mentality in some dealerships which may require you to walk them through it a little to show how you are getting there. On the other hand It is possible that a certain manufacturer might be offering a better incentive in a different region, and that incentive is tied to the location of the dealer, not the registration location of the car.

I’ve been approaching it based on the MSRP on the cars (44k MSRP), I’ve asked a few in-state dealers and they wouldn’t budge from a price over $100 more than the deal I got offered in DC.

But what is their selling price compared to DC deal?

They’re at the same MSRPs +/- $150 differences

But what about dealer discount and incentives?

Have dealt with almost every VA/MD dealer in the last year and have not once seen this…but interesting nonetheless…