Out of region purchases

I’ve been looking at dealers very far away, trying to find one that I could negotiate a good deal with. In the case on MA (and BMW), I was offered a price with about $2K more in incentives than I was getting closer to home. Later, I contacted a Chevy dealer in MA and was told by a woman there that the incentives they offer depend on where I live, so they wouldn’t be able to offer me the MA area incentives. Now, I get it if she’s talking about a state incentive… But it sounded like she was talking more general than that.

Which is correct? Are incentives based on where the buyer is, or where the seller is? Or does it vary by brand?

I would think that if they have extra incentives to help sell vehicles in one area of the country, it wouldn’t matter where the buyer was, only that the dealer in that region moved a vehicle.


Incentives are generally based on where the buyer lives, not where the dealer is. The salesperson at the Chevy dealer is correct.

In another recent thread, @BMW_Dave said this:

These are incentives for So Cal. I’m in Murrieta, CA not Marietta, GA. And I can honor these for anyone in the country since you get the programs from the dealership location not your home address.

Unless I’m taking something out of context… Perhaps it varies by brand, and with BMW you can buy out of region and get that regions incentives, not so with Chevy?

With Chevy you get the incentives based on your address. As I said, it is GENERALLY based on where the buyer lives. True for GM, Volvo (AFAIK), Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Lexus