Other languages in the forum

Probably a questions for the founders
Have you ever thought about having a section of the forum in other languages?

Like Spanish, for example.

I am impressed with the community and I believe every day is becoming more relevant for people shopping for cars and it’s going to continue growing.

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French too, please? I can help with that

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That would do nothing but divide the forum and make some content exclusive/inclusive to certain folks only. English is the common and most popular language around for the area covered. If there were sub-forums specific to Mexico, Central/South America, Asia or Europe it would make sense to use local languages out there. AFAIK everybody that lives in US or Canada had English at school and uses (or in Quebec at least have an option to use) paperwork and documents in English. Why complicate something that doesn’t need to be complicated?

Next thing in line would be female hackrs quotas or something similar.


On the contrary, the idea was to help more people in the US who main language is Spanish and they can ask more beginners questions

Not trying to divide or not share information


Why only Spanish? Plus if people can post a topic they can do so in spanish if they required.

It’s rather easy to translate an entire webpage if you want it in another language. There isn’t a Spanish section on Slickdeals or other similar websites. It’s just unnecessary

Google Translate. We have already seen several posters who said they used it to post and it worked just fine.

I have had full technical conversations with Japanese who don’t know a word of English (and I surely don’t know a word of Japanese) using language translation tools. Spanish is faaaaar easier than Japanese.

If it wasn’t for Google Translate and a compassionate taxi driver, I would have ordered pig intestine in Okinawa last year.

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When I was in Japan last summer I accidentally ordered horse sashimi. Pig intestine would have been a substantial upgrade.