Ortega Highway is CLOSED... Alternatives for Sun. drive?

Dunno if anybody else here likes to do Sunday drives down Ortega- but it’s closed until repairs are finished :frowning: (no set date). Any recommendations for good routes in OC? Thanks!

Oh no!

I had no idea that was happening :frowning: :frowning:

looks like OC-ers are out of luck unless they venture down into San Diego County for the Palomar Mountain area or up into the San Gabriel Mountains or up into the Big Bear area.

You can always PCH.

There’s some back roads in Rancho Mirage. There’s some sort of biker outpost there also so you know it’s good.

Pay $5 and UNLEASH on Toll 73.

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PCH is always a favorite.

Toll 73 lacks scenery and Rancho Mirage is a little too politcal atm* :stuck_out_tongue: