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Is the forte GT manual still the same deals?

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Yes send us a text

How are the Sorento SX AWD leasing and the Telluride AWD EX Leasing ? Almost bought a 2019 from out of state…

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Those cars are not leasing very well that is why we don’t advertise them, but if that is something you are interested in I’ll be more then happy to get you pricing just send us a text!

The used Kia Sorento SXL I was looking at had few very miles on it and was just over 30k, but I would have had to may for transport and auto dealer was tacking on some silly fee’s, I told them if they dropped the price and I made them an offer. Not sure this year with everything now be offset, but Kia has great sales right before the next years models come out in the way of rebates by area. II really like the Telluride AWD EX, but I know they are still sucking on deals for it and the Sorento AWD SX is my other options besides a few other SUV’s I am look at, so if you see some good numbers give a shout, we are stuck at home anyways so I can wait ! I am looking for White, with classic black inside and has to be AWD. TY I am in Silicon Valley.

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All pricing has been updated for the Month of May! Hope all of you continue to stay safe and healthy.

Hey these are some awesome deals! I went ahead and send you a message, I’m very interested!

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Send you a message!

I texted your phone number and received no reply???

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Send me a message with you phone number or give us a call. We have a high volume of texts currently so apologies if we missed a message by mistake.

2020 Telluride ex
36/ 10 ?

Currently the telluride is selling at or above sticker that is why we dont advertise any deals for them. If you are really interested in one please send us a text.

Also looking at the 2020 Telluride do you have numbers 36/10

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I responded to a inquiry about a telluride above already 3 days ago. If you are still interested please give us a text or a call.

I’m interested in Telluride either lease or purchase depending on the best deal.

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Text us please!

Can you do 10k a year with 24month to lower monthly payment?

We can adjust the term/miles how you want. Please send us a text.

What are your deals looking like for June/July? I’m currently looking at the Forte GT-Line 24/12 with the premium package added on (sunroof, powerless charging, soundsystem), but for that price it sounds like the GT would be better. I’ve been looking through dealers around Los Angeles, and have gotten 274 w/ 0 DAS before going in person.

Do you lease through dealership? Is leasing still through KMF?

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Sent you a message!