Ordering custom (Audi)


I am in Boston and finally have made a decision to put an order for a custom S5 Audi with the local dealer.
The dealer is charging the MSRP, no additional market adjustment. The wait time is expected to be 6-8 months. There is a non-refundable 2.5K deposit.

here is the question: according to the dealer “the lease terms are provided by AudiUSA and are released the month your vehicle arrives.”

I understand residual and MF are decided by the dealer for each transaction. How do I avoid being taken advantage of by getting charged an unreasonable MF and residual, being locked into the deal? Is there something I can stipulate?



The dealer can’t change the residual, you can stipulate you want buy rate MF - on the S cars it tends to be obscene anyway, it will 100% be higher when this car arrives.

If you can find something close to your desired build on the ground, that would be my suggestion. Even with Mass being a PITA for out of state deals, I’d ship one from across the country before rolling the dice on an order arriving at year-end.


Avoid being yaken advantage of? I think its too late for that. He has your 2.5k non refundable deposit and if the lease rates are horrendous in 6 months…well…


Everything is refundable if you have the time

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Per the language it doesn’t seem that he already signed …

OP did you check the marketplace ?

Audi Financial sets the RV and base MF. The dealer can mark up the mf, so if possible you could see if they will agree to base mf in writing. One of the more knowledgeable people in here in MA and drives an Audi is @Bluemkn57cars …hopefully he can chime in with his experience.

:point_up_2::point_up_2: What they said.

Thanks for the shoutout @ApexHunt.

When I got my A6 last year, it was an in stock unit. Although the dealer marked up the MF for a small profit, I was overall happy with the deal. 6 to 8 months is a long time to wait for a car, so even if you ask the dealer not to mark up the MF, you are at their mercy once the car arrives.

Have you reached out to @Bostoncarconcierge ? He brokers Audis in MA. Not sure if his dealer will have an in stock unit that has all the options you want in your color combo, but it is worth reaching out to him.

Good luck.

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The deals on the ground are asking for 5K over MSRP and have features removed due to semi shortages … :frowning_face:
Thanks for your suggestion

Have not signed. Will check the MP for – car on the ground?

What’s the calculator under todays RV and buyrate MF? Is the dealer willing to write up the lease at buyrate?

In other words, is this a good lease today? Let’s tackle that before any sensitivity analysis on worse programs.


Thanks Bluemkn57cars
I did reach out to Bostonconceirge several times - he’s been MIA, non responsive these past couple of months…

Pardon my ignorance: buyrate is the MF issued by Audi financing? if so, the dealer has said they will write the lease at the rate of when the car arrives. I have not asked him if he is willing not to mark up the MF, but intend to do so.

Check with @leasecompanion. Not sure on the S5 but he can get small discounts on Audi orders.


@kruzo - I would strongly recommend putting together a LH calculator.

If I were in your shoes, I would ask that the deposit be refundable. If dealer won’t budge, I would counter with a $500 non-refundable deposit. Make sure the dealer agrees to buy rate MF (if possible), and that the car is sold to you at MSRP. Get that in writing.

Feel free to DM me, and I will share my dealer’s info with you.

Serious question - Do you need an S5 in this current market? If the answer is YES, you’ll be paying a pretty penny.


Thanks. Even my request for 2K deposit was rejected, although the same group in Brookline offered 2K instead of 2K deposit.
To your question: I can afford it.

I am no Financial Planner nor accountant, so I won’t offer any financial advice. Have you or do you plan to test drive one?

I recently bought a 2022 S5 Premium Plus and none of the cars I looked at had any options removed. My dealer told me that Audi was removing options from the lower tiers of cars ( A3, Q3, etc) but keeping the high level cars intact as they know no one is going to buy a Q7 Prestige with no blind spot monitoring. I do think every Audi is losing the wireless charging but it’s terrible anyway. What options are you looking for that you can’t find? A specific color, black optics ?

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Where’s your calculator?

I test drove one a couple of years ago, it has not changed much. I just like the looks.

The one arriving (bonus allocation) to the local dealer had credit for missing automatic cruise control, for example.