Order Placed (And Rates Locked?) 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xE - MSRP $55,525 - $388 DAS and $388/month including WA tax


Hello there,
Where did you get such a deal. Please pls share the deal and details!!

Does that work for a lease?

Thank You! Would you mind sharing part of contract? I could just ask them to replicate your deal. Here is my email id → properties.vv21@gmail.com

For S&Gs I just put my 4xE into Vroom and they came back at $52k. Estimated payoff based on the contract (no online account yet) is ~$42k. Absolutely bananas.

If there was something out there to swap it with at a similar price point, I’d consider it…


Everything you need is right here:


Just order another one? Won’t be as good but still solid, and you put 10k in your pocket lol

The deal is dead in my area - plus I can’t go 6 weeks without a vehicle. Also, I just like it…


Thank a lot! You ROCK!!
I don’t see any mention of10% MSRP OFF in description.Is that what you had negotiated? or its standard!!

More fodder for those of us waiting for our 4xe’s to arrive -

No brainer. Pocket 10 grand and rent a Corolla for 6 weeks .

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Or he can just order another one, enjoy his current jeep, sell it when the other one arrives…


True. Have to wait anyway for account to generate and provide account details/payoff AND I believe the local state has to send title to captive before any transfer/flips take place.

Yeah - I can’t do anything for a while. Further, the deal is dead in my area right now which means I’d have to ship, so cost of entry goes up. And I don’t want to get left holding the bag if pricing goes down.

Anyway, its nice to know, but I think I’ll just keep it. Same issue as with our Outback - nothing my wife is willing to replace it with that is in budget.

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Sent couple of messages.Are they legit? There seems to be no phone no office …just Instagram handle and this group??I am just trying to validate!!!. Which step are you at with your purchase?

You gotta relax dude

How many cups of coffee are you on?

They’re extremely legit

PM them here


Our records indicate that you reached out to us and we replied within 5 minutes, you responded back later and we replied within 20 mins and even reached out to you by phone. Not sure where this is based off.


+1 - @clutch is legit. Relax.


Thanks everyone! I just spoke to ABE from CLUTCH!!!


A lot seems to have changed since you placed. I went into a dealer today and they played a few games. Tried wrapping the $7500 into the residual. Basically started with a 51% and then added the $7500 to get to a higher one. When I got them to use the CCap T1 64% (36/12), and then treat the $7500 as cash, they marked up the MF to .00276 from the .00203. Even admitted it was marked up because they could.

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