Options to get rid of a transferred Model 3 lease?

Not sure I have any options here, but curious if anyone has any ideas.
I took over a 2021 Model 3 lease a couple months ago, and now I’m interested in getting rid of it.
I read online that a Tesla VIN can only be transferred once, and since it’s a model 3 I can’t buyout the lease and sell the car.
It wouldn’t be the worst case to stick it out for the remaining 20 months since I have such a low payment, but I figured I’d ask if anyone has any ideas- I’m really starting to miss having an SUV.

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You could request early termination in the app. It’s possible since they can sell it for more right now that you can walk away without any penalty.

My 4xe is here so I’m turning mine in 6 months early. Cost is 0.

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Could you create a private contract to transfer the lease?
Ex: you pay Tesla and new lessee pays you etc

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  1. Tesla leases can only be transferred once. This option is out.
  2. Your best bet is early termination and opting to pay the difference between your adjusted lease balance and the current market value of your car.
  3. Keep the lease and put the Tesla on Turo for $125/day.
    (Which is probably not allowed by the terms of the lease.)

Which is probably not allowed by the terms of the lease.

Early termination might be the best option. I’ve read a few instances where the current market value of the car, by Tesla Finance’s estimation, is higher than the adjusted lease balance, and lessees have been able to walk away.

It may depend on the capitalized cost reduction on the original lease, but it doesn’t seem like Tesla Finance has been severely lowballing people wishing to terminate their lease.

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