Options to Exit an Infiniti Lease

Really just curious if I’m missing anything. I know Infiniti doesn’t allow transfers the way Mercedes does as the original lessee still remains liable.

I think I got a pretty good deal on my 18 Q50 Sport, but remaining liable (and keeping the payment as active on my credit report) simply wouldn’t work.

Would a one pay lease option be better? Curious how that would work. I’m guessing that would just be safer for me money wise as the person wouldn’t have the ability to default, but I assume I’d still remain on the loan until the car was turned in?

I got an offer from Carvana and Vroom, but both were about 3K negative in equity.

MSRP was 46K and some change, monthly 410/month (15k miles/yr), I’ve made 10 payments, the remaining payoff is ~$34,500.

Any other options or just stick with it? Really wanting something with more options.

I also have a lexus is200t that I am trying to get rid off, and I tried Vroom and Carvana but both were 4k in negative equity. The best thing is either to try selling it on craigslist which is what I am doing now and I am getting 30k offers but my payoff is 32k and I am not willing to pay that 2k so the other option is try to trade it in with the car you want to buy and then try getting them to aggressively discount the new car so it would be ok to carry the negative equity with the new car. It is just depends on how you wanna do it and what works best for you

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If you trade in a car with negative equity, you pay for it somewhere. No dealer is just going to “eat” the difference.


FYI I don’t think you can even break an Infiniti lease before the first 12 months. After that you will owe the remaining balance of the lease plus the disposition fee. Your best bet will be to sell but you’ll just have to wait it out a bit longer until the depreciation starts to level off in year 2.

So what you’re saying is people shouldn’t impulse buy expensive things that depreciate by double digit % the moment you sign? :woman_shrugging:
Wait or eat the cost. Smh …bite the bullet and get a model 3. Do that and we’ll see you again with the same problem. :joy:

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