Opinions/Thoughts On a Loaner 2020 Mercedes-Benz E350 Loaner 36/12 $384/Month $1.1K DAS

I haven’t posted much since the last E300 Benz deal that were getting posted left and right when the numbers for that thing were to great back in 2017. Been struggling to find any pretty decent deals so this one seems like I struck gold. This is probably the 4th or 5th quote I got on a E350 loaner and this is the best I’ve seen compared to any E350 anyone esle has posted. It seems that deals with Benz really aren’t there or that prevalent on LH in covid times. Here’s the deal, I haven’t gotten all the numbers in yet but so far they seem promising. My experience is that dealers always have a junk first offer before negotiation. Once I attempt any counter offer, I never get calls or emails returned.

2020 E350 Loaner (Around 8000 miles)
Selling Price: 46,XXX (25% Off)
Residual: 33,962.80
MF: .00143 or 3.43% (It’s marked up)
Acquisition: $1095 (Marked up)
3 yr/12,0000 mi
Due at signing: $1124 (First month payment + Fees/Insurance + Upfront taxes)
MSD: $5000 (10)
Monthly before tax: $384
Monthly after tax: $423
Incentives used: Fleet + Loyalty (Will try to get numbers for this tomorrow)

Options: Night Package + AMG Line Exterior + Premium Package + LED Projectors + 19" AMG Wheels + Panoramic Sunroof + Heated Front Seats + Burrmester Sound

This dealer has 2-3 cars more like this with similar pricing. I can PM the details but I want to get my car first.


This is one of the better E-class loaner deals we’ve seen on here in awhile (COVID times)… 25% off? Nice! I’d run a carfax/autocheck on it if possible…

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In certain states, when the damage reaches a certain threshold, NJ I think it’s 5% of the msrp, then they have to disclose. I don’t know the state for this deal, or the specific policies, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Seems like a very solid deal, even if it has had a respray as long as it passes your visual inspection it shouldn’t matter.

Yeah, I haven’t seen anyone that has come close. I was thinking I wouldn’t able to get another one, especially a loaner E-Class but I got lucky this time. Most offers you will see (from loaners) are 500s + tax and with DAS AND MSDs. It was almost enough for me to not bother. I was trying to get the general feel for car buying in general after reading the forums and it’s going to be mostly miss. A few dealers have given me the mentality of take it or leave it with their offers. Just wanted to put it out there if anyone esle is looking.

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Looks like you’ve struck gold. I haven’t seen anything as good as this in CA for months.


Not every dealer leads with a junk offer. There’s probably not any meat left on this bone. If they have multiple units at this pricing, it’s unlikely they’ve been through a significant repair. Just make sure they they have clean titles, and sign it.

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I would jump on this if I were you… solid deal

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Very nice deal, I am hoping to get something similar when my 2017 E300 lease comes to an end in early February. I am at $430 a month now and like you, I was not seeing a whole lot of good deals on the E-class lately. I love the car, no problems at all even towards the end of the lease.

Updated the first post. MF was .00143 and the acquisition fee was $1095. I’m still trying to figure out how fleet and loyalty worked. The salesman I’m dealing with said pull ahead program could not be used on a pre-owned car. Is this true?

Solid deal on a great spec car, I’d do it.

Pull ahead on my leased cars. Even exloaner

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Salesman said otherwise. I will have to speak to the manager to get this figured out. I would rather roll my payment into the new car.

I think this is a great deal. What’s the problemo, lol?

I would’ve sealed this deal as soon as I saw it

Great deal. PM me dealer info after you get yours! I miss my old E…

Very nice. I’m not sure where you are but I’m in California. I just got one for my wife. Mine had 3K in it. I gave them 2K up front for taxes and fees plus as part of the deal they paid off my wife’s Fusion for 2100.00. 540 a mo. including tax w/ 7500 yr. I didn’t steel it but I did ok. No panoramic or night package but premium package with does have park assets and Burmester. Nice car except for the run flats which I immediately took off and are now in storage waiting to be put back on at the end of the lease.

Dealer details?

I would jump in this deal quick fast. It’s a great deal especially for the mileage.

Newbie question on here - - i note the MSD is $5000 - so to be clear, your drive off is the $1124 + $5000 = $6124 Drive off amount? And then the thought it you get the $5000 back when you turn the car in?

What happens if you get into an accident and the car is totally ruined - you’re just out $5000?