Opinions 2018 BMW 330i Lease


He’s also in FL, not CA…2 totally complete different markets.

I leased 2 cars from Reeves BMW and 1 from Braman. I know the FL market. They are just as aggressive as CA on the 3 series.

Ok, you win.

12% off on an custom-ordered 3-series?

Absolutely. I think everybody is underestimating how motivated BMW is to move these.

Here’s a scenario a dealer wants to avoid…

  1. Buyer places custom order for current gen 3 series
  2. Car arrives after new G20 3 series is announced (next week)
  3. Buyer backs out to wait for new 3 series instead
  4. Dealer is stuck with custom ordered 3 series to add to inventory glut

When ordering/purchasing vehicles that are on the cusp of being replaced by a new model, you have all the leverage. If they don’t want to budge, call their bluff and walk. They’ll bite. They’ll have to. It’s only going to get harder for them to move these in 2 months.

I’ve played this game a few times and the deals to be had are remarkable. Leased the old 5 series before the current model released. Did the same with the old 3 series. I’ll be doing it again with the M3 next year.

M3 production is ending soon as well, right? I don’t think the new one will be out for a few years.

Production for the new M3 begins towards the end of 2019.

I have been hearing 2020 for the M3. I am interested in getting one once my Hellcat lease is up.

Sorry, but I don’t believe anyone is getting 12% off on a custom order. That just can’t be accurate. It contradicts everything I’ve heard (from multiple sources) about BMW’s ordering/sales process.

12% off MSRP (before incentives) on a $52k 3 series is about $1000 under actual dealer cost. Why would they bother even putting in that order? 3 series are all built/shipped to order (whether by dealership or customer), so it’s not like BMW is pumping out a bunch of these no one wants that they need to get rid of them.

Also, your point about MSDs making lease transfer harder is valid, but, in this deal, locking up $3500 is going to save about $25 a month. That’s like a guaranteed 25% return on a 3 year investment.

Why MSDs on AMEX?

So that I can earn AMEX Membership Rewards points which I find very valuable, especially because simply writing a check does not earn me anything at all.

One other other question how does one lower the costs of the DAS isn’t it pretty much a set amount of things? Or do you all mean using incentives to pay for some if not all of the DAS?

Errr thought BMW did away with the MSDs for new customers?

They started a pilot last year for the east coast/Southeast.