Opinion on transferring out of our X5 with a lot of remaining miles

We have a BMW X5 that we are looking to transfer out of and would like everyone’s opinion here on if it’s a fair offer to post before posting. Due to a death in the family we are taking over the lease of the car of the person who’s passed and have no more use for the X5.

It’s a 2018 BMW X5 with 65,385 sticker. White with mocha brown dakota leather, driver assistance package (Heads up display, blind spot & lane departure warning), premium package, heated wheel and wireless charging.

Current mileage: 25,500
Total miles allowed: 45,000
Months remaining: 11 (Jan 2021 maturity)
Monthly payment: $765/month including NY taxes

We’d be asking for nothing down and willing to cover half of the transfer fee.

Thanks for the opinions. I’ve been fairly active here while searching for a lease, ended up finding a Jeep Gladiator on my own though.

Have you looked to see if BMW has a death clause in their lease? Some brands will just take the car back if the leasee passes away without going after the estate for the balance.

I think it would be tough to move at that payment without an incentive. The extra miles may appeal to some but it’s also a short term lease. Thats a pretty small group to target for a premium. Could get complicated if you put MSDs into it.

The BMW isn’t under the deceased persons name. We have taken over that persons vehicle and now would like to move out of the BMW. But I can checkout contract paper work to see.

Gotcha. No MSD’s, there’s definitely a market for high mileage leases but maybe on SAL as opposed to leasehackr

Did you take it over because you wanted to, or because you felt financially obligated to? Just making sure you understand you aren’t legally liable for the deceased’s car. The estate’s assets (if they exist) are obligated. If you wanted to, that’s a different story.

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Just spend $100 and put it on SAL ASAP

IMO you won’t need an incentive but my crystal balls aren’t :100:


Thanks, yeah I’ll be posting it there today