Opinion on Infiniti QX60

I have been watching on deals on QX 60 for couple of weeks now. I am looking for a base model. If anyone who is tracking prices on this one, what do you think is best price should be monthly ? Is this a good time or should wait until 2017 hits lots ? Please share your opinion. Do you think around 350 a month possible or not reasonable ?

Have you actually test drove the base model? The infotainment system is absolutely awful for a luxury vehicle and many years outdated. It was basically the same as my 2013 Pathfinder SV. I would try to figure out if they will be updating it next year. If not, I would look at something else.

They will update or refresh the model next year 2017

I drove this vehicle 2 weeks back. 2016 model with prem and prem plus package.

I felt the vehicle is so much under powered in normal mode because of CVT. Was little better in sport mode. After that drove 2016 MDX which was much powerful.

I recently leased one of these but the Premium Package. I agree with the opinions below on the infotainment being the worse part of this care, but the pro’s and price at the end led me to pull the trigger. (Biggest pro was ease of access to third row vs similar SUV’s, as well as all the other standard features not included with Acura MDX, Highlander o Pathfinder) After a lot of calling and negotiating, and lots of research, I think $350 a month is on the lower side (but depends on the miles you want, term, down payment, etc. For comparison, I got the premium in white (which Infinity charges extra for), for $420 a month including taxes (California), 29 months at 12k per year. Out of pocket was $500. Hope it helps and good luck !

Thank you for the info. You got it for 29 months ? Also did you put any MSD. I am thinking to utilize max MSD. Is the one you got AWD ?

Sorry, Typo - 39 Months and yes AWD. Did not use MSD’s

I agree, I looked at a couple of 7 seaters and found QX60 more spacious and easy to access 3rd row. I was surprised when I learned we cannot stream music using bluetooth in base model. I don’t own one yet though, as I do want adaptive cruise control and blindspot monitoring but the price goes up high. Let me know if anyone has suggestions for any other luxury 7 seaters ~400/month lease.

Good catch about the Bluetooth streaming. Lots of people realize that too late after they pull the trigger on the base model.

I cannot think of anything else if you want adaptive CC and Blind Spot right now with $400. QX60 is the best option and I am positive you can get the Model that you want less than ~$420 per month if you can get the dealer discount $10k off $52K MSRP.

That is 19% discount and as we get closer to the end of the month and year you get more chance to get that.

If you think you cannot negotiate $10k discount hire fightingchance.com to do it for you for $40.

I got the AWD with Drivers Assist in May for $402 before tax using MSDs on a 39/10k lease in SoCal. Discount was about $7,900. With a lower MF now and bigger discounts available, sub $400 should be doable.

@Ampersand How much is the MSRP for your vehicle ?

What are the September numbers on this? Wonder if a lease around $400-420 would be possible in the NYC area on an AWD with Premium, Premium Plus and Driver Assistance

AWD all trims national MF is 0.00087 and RV is 60% for 39/10k lease terms (best one) ".

I think MF can go as low as 0.00017 with 7 MSDs.

@sepidpooy $52,010 includes premium plus as well

Sharing my opinion as well. I also got benefited by this site and got one with premium package in feb 2016. MSRP of 46.5K paid 800 down and 2k in MSDs and $350 per month including taxes for 10k/39m… Agree with thebrew66 for infotainment system being old style, but 14 speaker bose upgrade that comes with premium package more than compensates for it. It sounds awesome and rocks listening to music through USB or CD.
No Bluetooth steaming is not an issue as you can buy 15 dollar Bluetooth device from AMAZON and put in aux in, works well for me.
Initial acceleration is slow and could have been better for vehicle this price, but once on highway ride is super quiet and comfy. Front seats are luxury grade and very comfortable seating with high quality leather.
I am overall satisfied, only gripe is I may exceed 10k per year, I should have done a 12k miles lease instead.

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Thanks for the info. Here in NJ none of the dealers are giving any break more than 10%. Will wait till the end of month to see if i can get a better luck.

Here is the deal I just put together yesterday.

2016 QX60 FWD - MSRP $50,495 (White with prem/prem plus and driver assistance package)
Negotiated price - $44,250
Tax/Tag/Title and ACQ fee = $1800 (Added to cap cost)
Total Cap Cost is $46,050
Used 9 MSD’s to reduce MF to .00008
39 months, 12k per year with a RV = .59
Tax in Los Angeles is 9%

Monthly with Tax = $461.00 (without tax =$422.94)

Paid 1st month + $4,950 in MSD’s to start.

How did I do?

Hi can you like me to the blue tooth streaming device? I did not realize I couldn’t stream when I leased mine but love it otherwise.

This is the one I got: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013QJ0W8Q/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
you need to press the button on the device every time to connect with your phone though. and change input to aux on the infotainment system. You will also need a 3.5mm to RCA adapter. Please see last post in below thread

Hi, so here’s my similar deal

MSRP 46kish (paperwork is at home) Base model w/some dealer added stuff and color was white
Negotiated Price approx 38k
tax/tags/1st payment/acq fee $1000
downpayment for the car $1000
39 months @ 15k per month $410/month + tax = $446.9

I don’t have the MF or RV paperwork with me.