Opinion on BMW lease price

I have a deal price for 300$ / month for a 528i with 6000$ down. Is this a good deal?

The MSRP is 50K with the total cost to buy offered is 48000 inclusive of taxes.

You should be able to negotiate a better purchase price than 48,000. I’d look into what the price estimate websites state. Not sure if we can mention the names here.

way too much. This car is about to be replaced with a new model. Also not enough discount on MSRP.

May I ask why $6000 down?

I am trying to keep my monthly payments lower for now.

What would you recommend as a good price in that case? Any insights would be appreciated

What would be a good price here - ~46,000?

A rule of thumb for leasing is your monthly payment should be around 1% of the MSRP. So for a $50k Bimmer, if you can get the monthly to be $500 all inclusive w/o downpay, then you have done well. In your case, $6000 down is a lot of dough to put down, and you also need to pay tax upfront on that. For lease, you don’t want to put a lot of downpay, which will be forfeited if you total the car.

Where did you get the 1% Rule of Thumb from?

If that’s the case than many people on other sites are paying WAY too much to lease vehicles.

Truecar and Edmund’s are not the lowest price, they are what dealers are comfortable selling you the car for based on referrals.

If you really can’t handling doing this yourself, try Lease Wise. But really the premise is the same buying or leasing.

Price, Price and Price is all that’s important. Remember you have not one clue how much the dealer actually paid for that car and he/she is not going to tell you. Invoice is where you start on all car negotiations.

Chances are they paid less than that for it anyway. On top of that, dealers need good CSI scores, sell enough cars for monthly, quarterly and yearly bonuses. Use this to your advantage, unless you need a car today you really can afford to wait until the end of the month.

You should also be able to get a monster discount on an outgoing model and for heaven’s sake don’t put money down on a lease. If you have to burn up $6K just to get a 5 series, get a 3 series.

Just like I told the other poster about getting a Acura ILX when all it really is a nicer Civic and the current car is based on the previous model, there is no new ILX yet, so the 10th gen Civic is the car to have, especially with the turbo engine and CVT, peppy performance and good fuel economy.


Truth is most people are indeed paying too much to lease. Only a few get good deals. Same can be said for almost anything in life. It takes knowledge and experience to get ahead.

I would also add it takes a little bit of luck to find a demo that can still be leased for very cheap or that one model that has huge lease incentives that a “desperate” dealer is willing to discount heavily. Of course, this also is dependent on the customer being patient, which can’t always be done. I will begin actively seeking a new lease when I have 3 months remaining on my $124 per month Cruze Limited. To roll $372 into a new lease that saves hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over 2-3 years is worth it to me.

Having leased over a dozen cars in the past decade, I can safely say the 1% rule of thumb is an excellent rule to live by.

That 1% is total cost of lease (drive off, tax, monthly payments) divided by total number of months. I only do zero drive off (sign and drive) leases, fwiw.

BTW, many cars will not lease close to 1% - especially new or high demand automobiles. I just choose not to lease those…



this is an advertised deal and look less than what you’re proposing. Since it’s advertised there’s def some room to negotiate, maybe start there by getting the numbers from that dealer and then trying to recreate it near where you live:


That looks like an excellent deal. Tried to build out a 528i on my phone to get an idea what you get for 51,000. But must 925 acquisition fee and 825 dealer fee which is like adding $50/mo plus all the usual drive off fees and tax. Will come in close to 1%

On a side note, my understanding is that 2017 5 series will be a completely redone car so you can pretty much expect the outgoing 2016s to get some factory incentive support to clearance them out. So if you can wait until late summer maybe that’s the best move.

Yes, they are changing it. Didn’t seem too substantially different on a video I had seen. This car would replace a E350 my parents have that is nearing the end of its lease term. I don’t think they would care too much

if i was in your shoes, i’d wait (get a few months lease extension from MB if you’re still under warranty and under miles) and get the outgoing 5 series when the incentives are favorable.

Thanks! That’s very good advise. Was considering extending month to month until i found them a good deal. Not anticipating a good deal on the upcoming E350

That link showed that some of the 2016 528i’s sticker for 61k. Just incredible that BMW is asking that for a 4cyl 5 series. Noteworthy too is that the lease special you reference is for a 7500 mile/yr lease and for a car that stickers at 51k. I’d be curious to know if the 51k car has navigation, backup camera, etc. BMW, like most of the other German cars, make a lot of things options that are standard on Kia and Honda.

I love how BMW’s drive, but it’s the price you pay for them.

that deal in the link was for a 51,545 car, not $61k. I agree though, car prices are out of hand these days that’s why it’s so important to take advantage of all the incentives and tricks.

The point of the link was to show that nagarjunb’s deal of $300 with $6k out of pocket is not a bargain.