OPINION ON AUDI A4 Titanium w/ early lease return


Hello everyone new to the forum but a few leases under my belt. Learning more and more as I go. I am curious to get your thoughts on an offer I have to trade in my current 2017 A4 season of Audi trim lease with 6 months left early. For a 2019 A4 titanium (lesser trim)

MSRP: 39245
Discount : 8650
Tint: 399 (not happy about this charge)
Car sale price w add on: 30992
Trade payoff : 1763
Acq fee: 895
License: 343
Audi care: 999
Residual 40%
Mileage : 18,000
39 months

Hacker score is 6.8

Please let me know you’re thoughts.
I can also wait out my current lease and start over. Do y’all think this is a good deal? image

Miles are killing you here. But yeah that tint charge isn’t very nice of them either.


Damn, that residual is rough. Have you got an estimate on the current vehicle through carvana to compare to the negative equity they’re rolling in? Any good reason not to wait? $575 is a lot for a $40k A4.

Yeah, that’s gonna be my first question. I did send you and your company a note to see if y’all could do better with any other brand.

Also looking at grand Cherokee.

Thanks for replying

No good reason other than a slight risk I go over my allotted miles. I’m at 45k now with with about 9k to go. I drive around 59 miles a day.

I was loured into the dealership by the attached letter

I’m still learning this process but I agree, mileage is biggest factor for higher payment but like me, I can’t get by with 7500 or 10k.
In terms of a negotiation, I’d ask them to waive the acquisition fee, after all, they came to you. Similar to your payoff amount, did they credit you at all on what’s left on your original lease?
If they come back with “we’re not allowed to” or “Audi doesn’t let us do…” then put them on ice.
Or get a broker who will save you more than their fee, which can be done now or when your lease is over. This “deal” is not enough to get anyone out early IMO.

Hmm…I’m not the most versed in Audi programs but let’s see where that $8,000 is coming from…

Good points on the acq fee. They are canceling half of my remaining payments on the lease (3600) so they roll over the 17xx and change you see there. I’ve never worked with a broker. I tried D&M auto leasing here in houston but he told me he can’t beat it.

For context my current lease is 587 per month. Maybe Audi’s just don’t lease well? The residual sucks on it.

They can’t waive the acquisition fee (exception being some manufacturers will in exchange for a higher MF). The dealer can give you a bigger discount to cover it, but if they’re able to, you didn’t negotiate nearly enough of a discount to start with.


Actually started worse… attached is the initial when I went in!
What would be a good deal on this? Do y’all think I should just walk away and wait the 6 months?

No they aren’t. They’re either buying the car out and rolling in the trade equity or they’re rolling half the payment in and giving you less of a discount than you could get to cover the other half. They can’t make the payments go away unless Audi FS is offering lease pull ahead, which your paperwork does not show.


My understanding is that it’s a lease pull ahead but it could be BS. The 17xx is being rolled in for sure. They claim they would turn it into Audi for auction.

Looks like it’s and early turn in incentive… not sure

The question is if it is pull ahead from Audi FS or if it is a “dealer pull ahead”. Considering the paperwork they sent says nothing about Audi FS pull ahead, I would be absolutely shocked if it was real pull ahead.


Nope. It’s $3000 lease incentive that Audi is offering to anyone and everyone and $5000 dealer discount (which has some of it immediately made back up with the essentials dealer profit package) which probably has other incentives rolled in. You need to find out from Edmunds what incentives are actually avail to evaluate this deal.


Gotcha, do you think I should move on. They seem to be done negotiating.

My suggestion is you walk away from this and do a lot more research before trying again in 5-6 months

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Just being real here but there really is a point where you are better off buying and trading in. I drive a similar (actually more) miles but then again I’m able to load balance with one, two, sometimes three more cars excluding demo and loaner cars.

As it is you’re mostly running up to a couple of different chokepoints between warranty and extended maintenance where your cost may be more in incidentals than just miles themselves. This isn’t a good deal, and while I’m not entirely positive I could do a ton better for you on the same car due the residual I’m tempted to look into it as a high mileage driver myself.

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@mllcb42 thank you for your input.

@Electric I’m in definitively in the fringe I do like to drive new cars to not worry about reliability.
Is the mistake here the luxury brands? Or is it just that I’m not putting much down?

Thanks again